Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Reiki is the Japanese word for “Universal Life Force Force,” which is the life-giving energy that everyone possesses. To comprehend reiki, think of it as our “experienced sensation of being alive.” Reiki treatment is a gentle touch therapy that entails the therapist’s or patient’s hands being placed on various parts of the patient’s body to encourage relaxation and a sensation of serenity. 

Before looking for a reiki healing therapy center let’s learn a bit about them. Reiki’s origins may be traced back to ancient Chinese and Japanese medicine. Reiki therapy has been utilized more often in hospital settings since the early 1990s. Reiki is used as a supplemental therapy in over 900 institutions and healthcare systems in the United States. Reiki is not hazardous to patients in any way, and it is safe to utilize reiki with chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs used in cancer treatment.

Reiki is utilized in healthcare as an adjunct to, not as a replacement for, patients’ normal medical therapy and drugs. Reiki facilitates the body’s inherent healing powers. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind.

Reiki has several benefits like:

  • Relaxation promotion
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Increasing energy and decreasing tiredness
  • Increasing one’s sense of pleasant well-being

Certified Reiki Therapists administer Reiki therapy to patients in Taussig’s treatment and assessment rooms. Treatments at Taussig are provided at no cost to patients. Reiki practitioners feel that self-treatment can enable patients to continue to benefit from reiki on a regular basis. This article contains information about Reiki self-treatments that you can do on yourself at home at your leisure. These may be customized to match your specific requirements.


Integrated therapists suggest that although there is no scientific evidence to explain how Reiki works, studies have indicated that it can have significant advantages in terms of decreasing blood pressure, enhancing sleep, reducing anxiety, and reducing pain. (Some of these studies were conducted in specialized populations, such as persons recovering from surgery, whereas others were conducted in healthy individuals.) However, keep in mind that Reiki is a complementary therapy that should be used with regular medical treatments, not in place of them.


Attempt to follow the hand position directions in the sequence given below. However, feel free to make any changes you believe would benefit you. It is recommended that you perform each hand position for 2 minutes during a 20-minute self-treatment, but don’t stress about the precise length of time. Some of the hand postures may need you to hold them for a longer period of time than others. You will learn the hand placements with practice. Please don’t be concerned about doing the hand postures perfectly. Simply relax and do your best. That will have to suffice. Finally, feel free to lay your hands on any additional parts of your body that you believe require relaxation and healing.

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