Online Rail Food Order: The Best Dine-In Option for Train Journeys


Online Rail Food Order: The Best Dine-In Option for Train Journeys

Train journeys are one of the most remarkable aspects of life. A journey by train seems more exciting than the destination. What makes your train trip

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Train journeys are one of the most remarkable aspects of life. A journey by train seems more exciting than the destination. What makes your train trip more entertaining is a platter of homemade food. Getting a home-like meal on the train may be challenging as you are away from home and the food in the pantry cars is disappointing. But here is some news that will make you squeal with excitement: Train food delivery apps have simplified the procedures of rail food order and deliver a palatable meal right to your seat on the train.

The Indian railways has authorised many e-catering apps to offer fantastic dining services on trains. Train food apps like RailRestro operate across all the significant stations in India and make food deliveries to travellers on the train.

Why Online Rail Food Apps are The Best

Online food apps have resolved the problem of getting good food on train. These apps have collaborated with thousands of restaurants in India to convey the best culinary services on trains. The following are the features of a train food app that make it the best:

Ease of Ordering Food

Ordering food while on the train has become very simple. All you need to place a rail food order is your PNR number and a smartphone. Open a train food app, type in your PNR number, and proceed with the order. It’s all done. The simplistic method has made dining in trains close at hand.

Multiple Varieties of Food Items

Pantry cars in trains deliver the same old, typical meals. Usually, the pantry cars on trains do not offer different varieties of food, like pizza, momo, regional cuisines, pasta, etc. Food is not only about filling the stomach; it is actually about filling your heart. Why let your cravings go unfulfilled when you can get your favourite meal on the train? The train food delivery app offers a plethora of food options while on the train. You can choose among fast food, Chinese cuisine, regional cuisine, snacks, Jain food, light food, Italian recipes, etc. Rail food apps deliver almost all cuisines across all the major stations in India.

Pre-booking of Meal

This is one of the best features offered by train food apps. Using this feature, you can book your meal before boarding the train. It ensures hassle-free delivery right on time when the train reaches the selected station. This option saves you from the confusion caused by the weak internet connection on the train.

Group Food Order

Travelling with a group of people is always fun. Dining together is an essential aspect of togetherness. Online train food services offer the best food options for dining in a group on the train. Using this feature, you can book a bulk meal for everyone in your group at a time.

To place a group order on trains, follow these steps:

  • Open a train food app
  • Navigate to the group order option.
  • An enquiry form will open. Fill in the details asked in the form, like train number, number of travellers, one of the PNR numbers, types of food items, delivery station, etc.

The railway food services will accept the order and proceed further as per the requirements. However, you will have to pay 40% advance for placing a group rail food order.

Lucrative Discount Coupons

Coupons are another best attribute of train food apps that make your journey more amusing. Food on rail apps offers attractive discounts on food orders on trains. These coupons can be used while placing a rail food order using these apps.

Hygienic Meal Preparations

Hygiene is the most crucial part of preparing a meal. Thanks to the online train food app, they have made the delivery of hygienic and nutritious food possible on trains. The restaurants linked to these apps are FSSAI-approved and follow all the sanitary protocols while preparing the food. Moreover, train food apps ensure contactless delivery of food on the train.

How to Order Food on The Train

Follow these steps to order food on the train using train food apps.

  • Open the train food app and navigate to the food section.
  • Enter the PNR number.
  • Select the meal you want to order
  • Select the station for delivering the meal.
  • Proceed to the payment option.
  • Use coupons, if available.

Your order will be immediately accepted, and the vendor will be given appropriate directions.

Train food apps have appeared as the best companion for travellers. These apps take care of your health and cravings at the same time. They ensure quality food delivery at all the major railway stations in India. Thanks to these apps, getting food while on the train has become easy.

RailRestro has emerged as the best app for food delivery in trains. It has linked to thousands of restaurants to make your favourite meal available with just one click. Using this app, you can also place a group food order in trains or book a Jain food in trains, etc. RailRestro makes the journey more comfortable and entertaining. If you plan a trip by train, pack your bags and leave the food issue to RailRestro. It will serve you the best meals on the train and make your journey memorable for life.

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