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When selecting the right material for exhausts, people tend to get confused since the market offers many. In this guide, we have noted down some details of different exhaust materials and their pros and cons. So, go through this guide if you also want to find the suitable stainless steel exhaust pipe supplier.

Mild steel

Mild steel is a common variation of steel as well as a widely used exhaust material. This type of steel generally gets formed by blending iron with a small amount of carbon. The best thing about mild steel is that it comes out to be highly affordable and therefore makes an excellent material for exhaust and other products.

However, there is also a negative side to tousing mild steel while making exhaust since it gets rusted easily. Therefore, if you leave the exhaust made of mild steel without taking good care, it damaged soon. However, a generous coating of zinc and a hot dipping in aluminium can prevent corrosion to some extent. Still, none of them provides a 100% guarantee of saving the exhaust from corrosion. Another bad thing about using mild steel for making exhaust is that the final result comes out to be extremely heavy and makes the entire system heavy.

Pros of using mild steel:

  • Cheap
  • Easy to make
  • High availability
  • Extremely malleable

Cons of using mild steel:

  • Gets damaged soon
  • Catches rust since it is not corrosion-resistant
  • Heavyweight

Stainless steel

While manufacturing exhaust using mild steel guarantees no legibility to the machine, using stainless steel can be a great option. Stainless steel is an alloy metal that gets prepared using iron and chromium. Here, at least ten to twenty per cent of chromium gets mixed with iron which makes stainless steel, the outcome, a robust, corrosion-resistant, and effective material.

Stainless steel, being robust and attrition-free, gets used not only for making exhaust but also for manufacturing various other things, including medical instruments, surgical tools, buildings, bridges, guns, and more. Moreover, compared to mild steel, an exhaust made of stainless steel lives longer, more than several years. For the best outcomes, get access to the best stainless steel exhaust pipe supplier in your area.

When it comes to the type, there are multiple types of stainless steel available. Among them, 304 and 409 are the two most-used ones. The first one incorporates 18% to 20% of chromium and 8% to 10% of nickel, whereas 409 stainless steel has 10.5% to 11.75% chromium and only 0.5% of nickel. Due to its strength and high resistance capabilities, people mostly use the 409 type for making exhausts that last around 8 to 10 years.

Pros of using stainless steel:

  • It is solid and powerful
  • Stainless steel is corrosion resistance
  • It is used for making several other things

Cons of using stainless steel

  • The only problem with using stainless steel for making exhausts is that it is a little bit more expensive than other materials


Made out of nickel and chromium, Inconel is another great material for making exhaust. Generally, the best part of using Inconel is that it has an incredibly high melting point. Therefore, it does not melt easily despite the high heat produced during various mechanical works. It makes Inconel a tremendous material in the aerospace industry. Along with that, this material comes with unmatchable strength.

For this reason, Inconel 625 has been in use in the F1 car industry for several years. Using Inconel assures a strong yet thin and lightweight construction of the exhaust. Additionally, other renowned car models, including Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche 964, etc., have been using exhausts made of Inconel in recent years.

Pros of using Inconel

  • Extremely strong
  • It fights rust, corrosion, and other damages
  • It is an incredibly lightweight and thin material

Cons of using Inconel

  • The primary issue with using Inconel for making exhaust is that the manufacturing process is time-consuming as well as needs lots of labor
  • It is an expensive material and not affordable for all


Titanium is another viable material option when it comes to making exhaust. It performs more like stainless steel and contains almost the same resistant powers. Additionally, when heated, titanium usually gets blue. The hardness and robustness of titanium make it an excellent material, posher than stainless steel.

However, it contains a few drawbacks as well. Firstly, it is a costly material, and secondly, it generally takes lots of time to process and create exhaust from titanium. Otherwise, it is a great and ideal substance for making exhausts

Pros of using Titanium

  • Robust and powerful
  • Heat-resistant

Cons of using Titanium

  • Slightly on the high-end side and expensive
  • Processing and manufacturing exhaust from Titanium is time-consuming


You can use these materials for making exhausts and their pros and cons. Now, when you know which one is the strongest and comes with great resistant power, hopefully, you will make the right decision before getting your hands on one.

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