Patriots-Lions Week Headlines Notes and Observations


Patriots-Lions Week Headlines Notes and Observations

Patriots-Lions Week Headlines Notes and Observations

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Patriots-Lions Week Headlines: Who is the favorite? Patriots have a strong history of winning the AFC East, but the Lions play in a tough NFC North. The Patriots haven’t faced the Lions since the 2015 season, but it doesn’t matter. Both teams are a threat in the division, and you should be able to find a few good predictions there. For more information, visit NFL RedZone.


This week’s head coaching matchup is a fascinating one. New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, who was a part of two Super Bowls, was hired by the Lions during the offseason. After a disappointing season, the Lions went from 6-10 to winning their first game under Patricia. However, their first victory came against the Patriots.

Patricia’s role is not only in the Patriots’ offense, but also in personnel management. Patricia is a former assistant to Bill Belichick and is taking on a lot of Caserio’s duties. However, Patricia won’t have a full-time offensive coordinator. Until then, Patricia will assist Joe Judge, who will continue to run the Patriots’ offense.

In a similar fashion, Patricia’s lack of a clean-cut image may be another reason for his low approval rating. His t-shirt with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wearing a clown nose after winning the Super Bowl in 2017 has been one of the biggest talking points since Belichick was hired. He also didn’t trim his beard when he was interviewed by the Giants and the Lions.


Jarrett Stidham was a fourth-round pick by the Patriots in the 2019 NFL Draft. The team has been in search of a young quarterback to fill in for injured starter Tom Brady, and Stidham could be the answer. The Patriots started padded practices with Stidham this week to add a competitive element to the quarterback competition. With Cam Newton and Brian Hoyer in the mix, Stidham might be Bill Belichick’s backup.

The Lions’ offense has also been in a funk, but Stidham has shown signs of life. His first drive ended in a touchdown pass to Jakobi Meyers, but he failed to connect on the 2-point conversion. He then completed a 13-yard pass to Matt LaCosse before scrambling for a first down on third-and-10.


In the final installment of my series of “In Conclusive Of Patriots-Lions Week Notes and Observations,” I’ll discuss how this game affected both teams’ seasons. The Patriots are a perennial powerhouse in the AFC East, while the Lions compete in the tough NFC North. Though neither team played the other last year, the Patriots’ offensive line proved to be one of the key factors in the Lions’ victory.

“In Concluding Patriots-Lions Week Notes and Observations,” I highlight the team’s offense and defense. I also point to the passing game of quarterback Brian Hoyer and the undrafted rookie Jacobi Meyers. Both of these players hit the ground running, and Ryan Hannable notes the passing game’s success.

The Patriots were victorious in their Sunday night game against the Lions, a win that was even more impressive considering that it came against the gold standard in the NFL, Bill Belichick. The Lions are led by coach Matt Patricia, who has been a mentor to Belichick for 14 years. This victory comes on the heels of an incredibly exciting week for football betting, and it is important to note the various factors that will be important to the game.

For starters, the Patriots have played better than the Lions recently. New England has been outstanding in rebound situations. The team has gone 9-3 ATS in its last 12 games after failing to cover the spread. Also, the Lions have gone 0-5 SU and 1-4 ATS in their last five games as underdogs. With these facts in mind, I would consider taking the Patriots as favorites.

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Be Careful with ATS Trends

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