Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh.


Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh.

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Sometimes, when we are standing on a hilltop, our eyes cover a panoramic view of the valley below. For a moment, we would like to exchange our bodies with birds to make a sweeping glide over the view below and across. If you were trapped in this temptation, then, first, you are not alone, and second, there is a way around it – Manali. 

Paragliding in Manali offers you a thrilling experience of the majestic and serene verdant valleys of Manali, an experience, we have noted over the years, that leaves people yearning to come to Manali. 

Places to Explore for Paragliding

Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Although Manali has numerous places to paraglide, some locations are better suited due to some reasons such as transportation facilities, proximity to the city, and large sprawling elevated places making fitting location for paragliding. We list some of the places you can soak in the beauty of the incredible Himalayas.

Bijli Mahadev

Although it is hikers’ sought-after location because of the steep climb, nevertheless, if you halt midway, you may also enjoy paragliding. 

When you soar high into the sky, the surrounding Parvati Range – magnificent in its own way, gives you a sense of sweeping the valley. The heart-soothing valley below prompts you to love nature in its all flaws and perfections. 

One of the few places for paragliding in Himachal Pradesh, where, if you like experiencing paragliding removed from the ruckus of tourist activities, then this place is for you. 

In case, if you feel you are not up for paragliding, trek up to the Bijli Mahadev to test your endurance. En route, the pure air will reinvigorate your health. 

A visitor Pankaj Kumar writes that it is a good place for trekking lovers. The story of the Bijli Mahadeva temple is stunning to hear. There are some camping sites along the way to stay. He emphasises that the air you breathe has no words to express, and you get a bird’s view of the mountains. 

Another visitor from Gurgaon notes that aside from getting a glimpse of Lord Bijli Mahadev, the peak offered a mesmerising view of the valley. He adds that trekking is difficult, and slopes and steep and slippery at times. Stairs leading to the top are uneven and not suitable enough for any age group. However, the journey was rewarding. Overall, it was great, but the infrastructure needs an upgrade. 


Another place, but primarily for the experienced ones. Since adventure seekers come here to be on their own, the flights are longer and allow more time to manoeuvre in the air and absorb a wider and broader view of the valley. 

Kangra Valley 

A place-to-be to experience the magnificent Kangra Valley. Adventure seeker throng to this place from all across the country. The valley has abundant deodar forest. May Tibetan refugees also call it their home. 

A visitor from Chandigarh says that there is something good for every traveller to the Kangra valley when you are looking for places to explore in Manali. You can visit Jwlaji if you are religious and love your culture. Masoor rock-cut temple is also beautiful. The jungle is dense and the mountains offer many opportunities for trekkers. It is a good place to find trained paragliders and get a glimpse of the Kangra valley. 

Another visitor says it makes for a good paragliding site, easily accessible by road from the highway near Joginder Nagar via Jhatingri. Billing here is a well know paragliding site. He adds that it is also a great place for hiking on the mountain ridge; trekking is also in the Bada Bhangal region. He also notes Baijnath is a much venerated ancient Shiva temple with exquisite stone carvings. There are tea estates and a plethora of educational institutions. Snow-capped mountains hang in the sky over the beautiful Neural Khad (a river). You can also find the temple of Chamunda Deci and the World War II POW camp en route to Dharamshala. 


Tucked away at an elevation or around 3000m, if you want to get a spike of adrenaline and are determined to make a conquering flight, one of the best places to explore in Manali to paraglide is Marhi. 

You can view the snow-coated Dhauladar ranges, and sweep the Kullu valley lushed with it unique vegetation. 

A visitor Christiana Jones says they experienced various adventure activities including zorbing, and paragliding. She felt quite amazing bounded by beautiful views os now and white magic. She notes that the games and adventure activities were admirable, and the experience was the best. 

Solang Valley 

If it is about paragliding in Manali, Solang Valley springs to the top of the list. Located 15 km north of Manali, with well-connected routes to the main city and offering numerous activities, folks from all across the country troop to Solang Valley.  

With its sprawling valleys, accessibility to amenities, and enchanting view of the incredible Himalayas, the Solang Valley has something to offer in paragliding to everyone and is one of the best places for paragliding in Manali. 

One visitor from Gangtok notes it as a great place to see snow and have maggi & tea. He recommends visiting it when you are stressed out and between November to February, and wearing the gum boots as soon as you get there. To get through its cold climate, get waterproof gloves along and if possible you should buy the snow uniform. For budget-conscious people, he recommends wearing at least three layers of clothes excluding underwear and carrying a scarf and a winter hat. A camera would be a good addition to possess memories, and resist riding a horse and travelling on foot. 

Do’s and Don’ts during paragliding: 

Though paragliding is safe, and your instructor will ensure it, still, excitement and anxiousness may reign supreme. That’s why we suggest some dos and don’t to make the most out of your trip. 


  • Check whether the weather is clear or not. Paraglide when the weather is clear. 
  • Be mentally prepared to fly. A sudden flight without any mental preparation can have you scrambling in the air and you may lose control. 
  • Ensure that your instructor is licensed to paraglide. Maybe, the operator is not licensed or authorised by the state authorities. 
  • Ask your instructor to brief you on what to do and what not to do. 
  • Ensure your safety harness is tied properly. If your harness is slipping too much, ask for a new one. 
  • Do not ignore the helmet. Always wear it. 
  • Ensure that all equipments are functioning properly. 


  • Do not go for paragliding when the weather is bad i.e. poor visibility, thunderstorm, rain, snowfall. 
  • If you find there is not enough cushion to sit on the harness seat, ask your instructor to change it with a good one. In case of dragged landing, you may sustain injury. 
  • If you are wearing slippers or sandals, it may cause leg injury during landing. Wear shoes. Paragliding in Manali will be safe. 
  • Do not ask your instructor to pull stunts in the air. They are for professional paragliders. Many cases has ended up in fatal injuries, even death. If your instructor offers you to pull stunts, register a complaint. 
  • Do not panic if you feel unwell midair. It can put your instructor in a difficult situation, and the instructor may rush into a wrong decision. Be calm, and ask your instructor to land. 
  • If you have problem breathing, or back or knee ache, avoid paragliding. 

Paragliding in Manali is full of fun and thrill, and it is up to you to squeeze the maximum out of it. There are many places to explore in Manali, and coupled with paragliding, it can be a package deal to experience the incredible Himalayas and create memories. 

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