Nothing Bundt Cakes, 10 Adorable Little Story


Nothing Bundt Cakes, 10 Adorable Little Story

You probably guessed properly that Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations are the sole focus of the nationwide company Nothing Bundt Cakes. We are quite for

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You probably guessed properly that Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations are the sole focus of the nationwide company Nothing Bundt Cakes.

We are quite fortunate to have a single store inside our metropolitan area. Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz began creating cakes for their friends and family in Las Vegas in 1997. This marked the start of Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz Cakes.

Induce Something Greater

They quickly determined that this Nothing Bundt Cakes Promo may lead to something greater. After a period of time, the Nothing Bundt Cakes brand has extended nationwide. On May 14, 2019, the West Fargo bakery with location number 340 was the first to open in North Dakota.

Concentrating On One Product

Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations specialize in one product, but provide it in a range of sizes and 11 flavors, all topped with their trademark butter cream cheese frosting.

Other bakeries provide consumers with a diverse selection of desserts. According to the proprietor, Rinda Norberg, they are not just a bakery but also a bundttique.

One-Stop Shop For Your Needs

On your approach to a celebration, they can act as a one-stop shop, giving you with everything you need, including the cake, candles, balloons, and more. In addition, you may purchase gifts, cards, and gift cards for every occasion.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes’ co-owners

Jenna Larson, one of the co-owners of Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations, formerly worked as a nurse at Sanford Health, while Julie Norberg, the other co-owner, was a stay-at-home parent who had always wanted to establish her own business.

In reality, she had had her sights set on this type of firm for a number of years prior to its establishment.

A Brief Attack Of Nerves

When entering one of their bakeries for the first time, I enjoyed the atmosphere, according to Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations. The concept was so basic, and the cake was obviously out of this world. After recognizing a need in the market, they presented the concept to this country.

Norberg reported that she suffered from a brief bout of nervousness. She mentioned that she and Jenna participated in training in Dallas for one month prior to the opening.

Kindness And Compassion

After about a week, I asked myself what the heck I was thinking. I am fifty years old, have three adolescent children living at home, and am starting my own Nothing Bundt Cakes locations. But there has never been a time in my life when I regret having done it.

Because of the kindness and generosity shown to them by the locals, the pair has never contemplated turning back.

Enjoy Having Conversations

Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations stated that Jenna and I look forward to each and every day of work with tremendous excitement. It has been a lot of pleasure helping people in this region of the country discover this brand.

We absolutely adore conversing with customers and learning about their significant life events.

Employed By Nothing Bundt

Likewise, working at Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations is a delightful experience. We strive to make our bakery a pleasant place to spend time, and we are fortunate to have a fantastic staff. It appears that these employees share the same views.

Brandi Howard rated the company’s environment as quite entertaining, with exceptional personnel. Bobbie Kjolberg sincerely stated, “I am always delighted to come to work.”

Putting Any Effort Forth

It does not appear that I am exerting any effort. It has a more familial ambience. Before opening their business, Norberg and Larson reviewed their priorities and determined that giving back to the community was essential.

As Baked Donations

Since then, they have donated cakes to a variety of events and fundraisers throughout the year, as well as to the Salvation Army and the Nothing Bundt Cakes Locations House. On the Friday before Good Friday.

They gave the employees of Essentia Health with around 500 cakes as a thank you for their hard work.

Throughout This COVID-19 Epidemic

Even amid this COVID-19 pandemic, many have complimented us for being open so they may attempt to keep a sense of “normalcy” in their lives, regardless of whether they are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or a gender reveal.

Nothing Bundt Cakes Places Even during this COVID-19 outbreak, individuals have complimented us for allowing them to keep a semblance of “normalcy” Our customers are the greatest in the world.

Permit Them To Supply

They have been trustworthy and patient. We cannot adequately convey our gratitude for being part of the dynamic business community that encompasses Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo.

They want you to know that you are more than welcome to reach out to them and allow them to bring you immediate joy.

Donate To The Community

Norberg stated that it is crucial for us to give back to the community since the community is what makes this business successful, which has allowed us to realize our dream. Giving back to the Nothing Bundt Cakes locations is what allows us to realize this dream.

Not Accepting Walk-In Customers

At the time this issue went to press, the restaurant’s foyer was closed to walk-in customers, but curbside pickup, online ordering, and half-price delivery were available.

They hope you will consider placing an order with their bakery because Nurses Week, Teachers Week, graduations, and Mother’s Day are all approaching. In fact, they can complete the bulk of requests on the same day, albeit they prefer advance notice for extremely large orders.