Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
Make User Interface of Your Mobile App Be ALIVE with These Tricks

Gone are the days when you looked at a banking app and said to others:” Guys, we’re in the future.”

Future is now present in a number of more than 3 million in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store Combined.

So, now we are not impressed by it anymore.

But we need mobile applications.

If you are the one designing the mobile application for your business, then you need to be attentive.

Mobile applications have evolved since their inception, and, with every single day, they are undergoing rapid change. In order to keep up with these changes, making an application is going to be pretty methodical a task for you.

One vital area of a mobile application development is creating the User Interface or the UI. It has been one of the greatest challenges for designers and programmers because the User Interface is going to be the one, single element in an app that will interact with the human customers and will showcase all the good things this application has to offer.

There are a few things you need to think about, starting with:

Can you bring some really new elements to designing the User interface?

What visual effect do you want your customers to have?

Is the UI design going to compliment the business and increase brand value?

Will the design be friendly for the hardware?

Although these questions might sound pretty common for you, chances are you know them already.

What else can you do then to improve the mobile application user interface design?

Well, reading this post may be of help.

  • Mobile App UI Design Hacks to Make Your Customers Happy

Did you take out an easy acceptance loan because you want to develop a mobile app pretty quickly?

You have taken a good decision. To put that money to proper use, don’t just jump ahead designing your mobile app Interface right away. Take your time; check the details; find some ideas; think about what they might do when you implement them, and go for the project.

Your research starts here:

  1. A Design That’s Minimal Attracts Attention
  2. Use Animation, But Smartly
  3. How the UI Managed Errors and Action Conformation
  4. Keep Buttons and Fonts Comfortable
  5. Iconography Works Fine

Without further ado, let us now learn about them in detail.

  1. A Design That’s Minimal Attracts Attention

When you want to design an app, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you would like to design it in an ATTRACTIVE way.

What if we tell you simplicity is the new attractiveness?

The statement is true because the simpler design you make, the more attention it receives from customers.

How minimal do you want it to be, right?

Well, here are some ways:

  • Make the design be plain and simple with less number of colours.
  • Use the colours in a lighter shade so that the Interface looks more spacious.
  • Action is great! But let’s not keep more than 2 actions on one page.
  • You can use images. But using simple ones will do. However, it is better if you don’t use them. It keeps the design quite minimalistic.
  • What content are you sharing in your Interface? Is it informative or purpose-driven? Choose purpose-0driven for better results
  • Keep an eye on a soothing design rather than a complex one with studded icons and fonts.

With these ideas, you can surely make your UI more appealing to your customers.

  1. Use Animation, But Smartly

Animation can turn things good.

As a matter of fact, animation used in the right way is said to attach your customers to the application for a really long time.

Animations are important. But you should always use them in a way that makes sense.

Using them while switching from this page to that can make sense. Don’t forget to add them in a way that is interesting and has some sort of visual content in it. You don’t need it to be highly attributed with really smooth movements.  But make sure it is something that catches the users’ attention and keeps them glued to the app.

A great idea in this part is to use alternative animation for different pages.

  1. How the UI Managed Errors and Action Conformation

Do you know what the User Interface does?

In a single sentence, the answer is: User Interface creates User Experience.

The better the experience, the better the likeability of the app by people, and that’s exactly how you want the UI to be.

In order to help it be that, try using these methods:

  • Make a list of all probable action and create a plan for managing all sorts of glitches as per those actions.
  • Use smart and inexpensive moves such as pop-ups or colour changes.
  • Once done, you can make a check the prototype and confirm finalisation or work on it more.

You’ll get a more functional app.

  1. Keep Buttons and Fonts Comfortable

Making comfortable buttons and fonts comes with one golden piece of advice.

When you are creating them, think of the users’ perspective.

Your viewer is a human. He or she needs to clearly view the fonts and buttons when the phone is held in hand at a normal distance.

Make buttons and fonts in a proper size so that viewers can see them comfortably; understand the content in them; read them and, most importantly, don’t miss tapping on them.’

You have made a great design.

  1. Iconography Works Fine

Since they say computers have been invested, people have been a fan of icons.

Yes, icons have evolved too.

It is going to be a great idea to use icons with the text, of course, in your User Interface. But make sure they belong to modern designs and that they are understandable.

One big challenge in adding icons is that you may miss out on adding text in that size which is comfortable for your viewers to see and read.

Creating icons in a conventional way is not attractive. For example, the phone call or contact icon is too common. You can design those icons in such a way that it impresses your audiences. In that way, iconography can sell your app more when it is there in the UI.

Do you need another good advice?

Well, then you can add animations in icons. Animated icons also increase user interaction with the content a bit more than the icons that are just sitting there on the screen,

But again, do not stuff the screen with too many icons.

Studies have suggested that people want a clean look at the user interface. Crowding it with too many icons is not going to make it appealing.

As a matter of fact, it can be distracting.

  • To Conclude

As mentioned earlier, take time before you jump in.

What you can do is use this time to research more about UI designs and their efficiency in recent times.

And in this time, you may also search, compare and then book a personal loan for bad credit with no guarantor. It can help you fund your project in quite an efficient way.

By jerry of Management & Technology

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