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Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow fever is the viral infection leading haemorrhagic condition leading to organ damage and high fever. Therefore, affordable, efficient and safe vaccine provides long-lasting protection and immunity against infection. The vaccine is live and attenuated using weak virus form. You need to get the jab while living or travelling to risky spots like South America and Africa.

Also some countries ask for vaccination certificate or proof to give permission to you to enter. For any concerns you should ask your doctor. Here in this blog you will come to know some interesting facts on yellow fever vaccine. So, don’t miss out to read this blog post.  

What’s yellow fever?

Yellow fever is the infection results from virus. It leads to certain symptoms like organ damage, pain, aches and fever. Sometimes it invades the liver turning up to jaundice hence derives the name. The virus comes under Flaviviridae virus family. It transmits via biting of the infected Haemagogus or Aedes mosquito.

It is more likely to happen in South America and Africa. It has huge rate of fatalities as well. In general, yellow fever infection exhibits mild symptoms or no symptoms.

Only a single dose of vaccine provides lifelong protection. The vaccine makes use of attenuated or weak yellow fever virus to inject in the body of the healthy individuals. Due to natural infection, it will develop long lasting and strong immune response in just a single jab without using booster shot.


Yellow fever vaccine is helpful for protection against infections. There are only a few cases of serious events or adverse reactions from the vaccine. Very rarely, it offers adverse events attacking the kidneys or liver.


The vaccine is efficient and it provides immunity in 10 days for every people who have taken it.

Immunity duration

Yellow fever vaccine offers long-lasting protection against the infection. Only a single dose can deliver lifelong protection. No booster shot requires for 10 years. Moreover, they can plan the trip to the highly vulnerable area as well.

Who should take yellow fever vaccine?

Yellow fever vaccine is recommended to those after 9 months of age. It is vital for lowering the risk of the infection. Also, this becomes necessary to travel to country where the risk is tremendously high.

They need to see the certificates before approving the entry to the country. In fact persons like healthcare workers or laboratory personnel should get the vaccine as they encounter with the virus daily at work.  

When people must get it?

If you are about to travel Africa and South America then you need to get yellow fever vaccine before travelling abroad. Make sure that you take the vaccine 10 days before travelling. This is so; because, yellow fever is quite endemic in those countries. In fact some airlines or travel agencies will warn the vaccination proof before travelling to those countries.

You need to research if vaccine will need for the specific location you are about to go. Once a kid becomes 9 months old then they are eligible for the vaccination.

Who don’t need the vaccine?

Some people get high reactions due to vaccine yet the benefits are still there. Such groups of people are:

  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women
  • Kids about 6-8 months of age
  • People about 60 years of age

Therefore, it is vital for the caregivers or parents to consult with the doctor whether it is essential to get the vaccine or not. There are many other certain people who shouldn’t get the shot. However, people who haven’t received the shot yet will experience travel limitations. They cannot enter the countries where the risk is quite high.

Side effects

Generally, there are mild side effects of the yellow fever vaccine. It may include

  • Low grade fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches
  • Headache
  • Swelling, discolouration and soreness at the site of injection

Rarely, serious reactions can happen as well. Some of them are life threatening. You must know that the chance of severe reaction is high in the people about 60 years of age. Those who have severe immunodeficiency are vulnerable too. As per CDC, pregnant women can get the jab without showing any negative effects. As it is live vaccine there is still a chance of risking the foetus.  

How to take the vaccine and what is it cost?

Only special vaccination centre will provide yellow fever vaccination. You must receive the shot from there because they will give ICVP (international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis). This becomes essential when the persons require travelling to other countries. You will find the cost is varying from a centre to another. You can get insurance covering the cost too.  


Yellow fever vaccine is single-shot vaccine that delivers lifelong protection from the disease. One should take this if they are about to travel to any countries with high chance of yellow fever. Also vaccine need to take from the particular centre prior to travel as certificate is necessary.

Those who don’t take the vaccine are more vulnerable to disease and reactions. In such instances, they need to consult with the doctor for probable options. Visit a travel clinic in London to get your yellow fever vaccine!

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