Kullu Tour : Things to do


Kullu Tour : Things to do

Overview Kullu is a district located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Escape into the tranquil heartlands of nature with a mid year break presented by set

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Kullu is a district located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Escape into the tranquil heartlands of nature with a mid year break presented by setting up camping in Kullu. Included by the powerful abundance of normal excellence favored by the Himalayas, Kullu is many times hailed as a setting up camp paradise for experienced addicts. It offers the tranquility of backwoods, lofty valleys and the cool mountain air to welcome you in the mornings.


Arranged on the banks of sputtering waters of Beas Waterway, Kullu is a superb departure on the off chance that you are hoping to break the tedium of your day to day routine. There are visual joys each move toward captivating you in investigating this grand slope station in Himachal Pradesh. In the domain of nature, Paragliding in Kullu and setting up camp is a stunning undertaking that will keep you considering how to see the value in these minuscule delights of life. With the slopes loaded with the excellence of pine and deodar slopes, Kullu setting up camp is an entrancing encounter to assist you with investigating an ostensibly retreat from life.

Best time to visit

Summer in Kullu prevails from Spring to June. The season is wonderful and supposed to be the best season for touring and an assortment of experience exercises. For those approaching for touring, it is the best opportunity to visit Kullu. Rainstorm begins in July and endures till mid-September. 

Things to do in Kullu

There are many activities in Kullu. Kullu is a place with a wide number of adventures and a lot of fun, rides and laughter. Some of the adventures are :-

1. Trekking

Short yet strenous journey going through gorgeous valleys, moutains and spouting waterways, are what Kullu is popular for. Journeys can go from a couple of hours to a couple of days relying upon the time accessibility and wellness level. The action doesn’t need quite a bit of arranging and is generally finished in gatherings. Going through detached regions by being near nature and environmental elements; makes this movement pleasant and worth an encounter.

2. River Rafting

Doing combating the rapids on the stream Beas, is an exhilarating experience. Boating is accessible for all expertise levels-from novices to specialists. Keep away from winters and the storm as boating is for the most part shut during that period. Kullu is the second best place for river rafting in the whole of India. 

3. Paragliding

Sitting calmly in the laps of the Himalayas, you will genuinely partake in the excitement of paragliding in Kullu, which is a center point for sporting exercises and mountaineering experience. At a nice mark of rise, the town offers a splendid opportunity to assemble a 10,000 foot perspective of the encompassing environs, the reasonable blue skies and snow-covered mountain tops. 

Partake in the experience of Kullu Paragliding, what begins with a fundamental instructional class by skilled, dependable and solid teachers. Coast down from a mountain ridge and experience the genuine adrenaline surge of drifting mid-air as you move the territory from the skies above. 

4. Attend Parvati Peaking Festival

Parvati Peaking Festival is without a doubt is  the best thing to do in Kullu. The Parvati Cresting has been sorted as one of the most prominent Indian daze celebrations. The celebration is known for its hipster energy and fills in as an extraordinary manner to brighten up your excursion and experience the strange! Kullu lies around 40 kilometers away for arriving at Kasol for the Parvati Topping Celebration.

5. Dipping in Hot Springs

Witness the uncommon supernatural occurrences of nature like a lake loaded with bubbling water at a slope station. Manikaran is arranged in the entrancing Parvati valley in Kullu. The natural aquifers arranged on the banks of the Parbati Waterway is one of the pleasant activities in Kullu Manali.

When in Manikaran one can stop at a flawless Gurudwara situated here. The food served here is basic yet tasty. The convenience offices are additionally impressively agreeable. It is accepted that the water from the natural aquifers has restorative properties and a recuperating power. This draws in endless pioneers, who have confidence that this is a remedy for their disorder. Be it an outing or a journey, Manikaran must have a need position in what should be done in Kullu list.



There are many activities and adventure to do in Kullu. One can enjoy and make the best time out living in for a vacation at Kullu.