Know When Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Servicing


Know When Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Servicing

To begin with, no one in this modern world travels inside a car without Air Conditioning Northampton. However, this system has now become the compulso

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To begin with, no one in this modern world travels inside a car without Air Conditioning Northampton. However, this system has now become the compulsory component of every car, no matter how cheap or expensive the vehicle is. After all, like every component of a car, this system also gets damaged or faces some dysfunctions, after all. Well, there are many possibilities and reasons behind the glitches in this system. In this guide, let us discuss in detail this concern.

Exact Process of Air Conditioning

Speaking of the process, the air conditioning system is a tricky system that no one understands where we are getting the cool air. However, this system is the technique that flows in between the air cooling and filters. After all, this whole process that happened with the air filters aids in cold air emission inside your vehicle.

The main motto of this device is to cool warm air inside the vehicle. However, this whole process includes two key components that are fixed inside the system. Those are the refrigerant gas and a compressor. As regular users, we only have the knowledge of switching on and switching off the aircon which is like a button we see inside the car. However, the whole process of cool air emission will start with this aircon. After all, this button will facilitate the cool air inside the vehicle as the temperature inside the car drops gradually. This is the process we see or observe.

However, the hidden and major process starts inside the system right after the aircon is on. At first, it is the refrigerant gas that is actually involved in this process that carries out the whole cooling thing. Right after you switch on your remote or the aircon, the existing temperature of the refrigerant gas falls. Later on, this gas turns into a liquid.

Well, this liquid evens gets cooler with the temperature drop. Then this cooled liquid travels to the drier. However, the drier purifies the liquid entered from any external or internal pollutants to enhance better air emissions. After this extensive purification in the drier, the liquid turns into vapor in accordance with the car temperature set in the aircon or remote. After all, this vapor comes out using an expansion valve and enters the inner atmosphere of your car. In this way, the car cabin will give you the refreshing air inside.

Besides, this is not a one-time process as your car gets cool entirely as the gas inside trips back to the condenser and transforms to vapor repeatedly with time. And this whole journey of refrigerant gas starts all over again, continuously to keep you and your car cool for the entire journey. Well, this process continues only if you keep your remote on.

Reason for an Air Conditioner of a Vehicle Not Blow Cool Air?

We all know with aging many parts of cars start to function less productively. Sometimes you can even sense the many dysfunctions of several parts and components inside and outside the car. However, the air conditioner is one such sensitive component of your car that will fade with time. And hence, we need to get instant treatment for this part before things get worse. Meanwhile, these are the five main triggers that indicate the cause of fault in your Air Conditioner:

Emission of Warm Air

It is evident that your car’s air conditioning system naturally loses 20% of gas every year. However, the emission of warm air is an early sign of lacking refrigerant gas in the system. Generally, the warm air is an indication that hints you need to book an air con recharge as soon as possible.

Weak Air Flow

Firstly, whenever you feel the car is taking more time to get cold than usual, there might be a leak (might be internal or external) in the system.

Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds or rattling sounds from the air conditioner indicate any damage to the fan belt. Sometimes these sounds are also the signs of condenser damage.

Bad Smell

Bad smell is the most common risk factor that many people avoid. But this might destroy the entire system slowly as the hazardous bacterial build-up in the system.


The condensation is nothing but the blockage in the system or might be the dampness in the system or any smashed interior. However, condensation issues are impossible to troubleshoot without any expert car air conditioning service. After all, a good service provider suggests suitable repair and MOT test Northampton for your car.