Keeping your Holsters Rightly maintained


Keeping your Holsters Rightly maintained

If you spend a significant amount times in the car and you are a frequent traveler, keep your firearm handy by placing gun magnets under the dash, ins

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If you spend a significant amount times in the car and you are a frequent traveler, keep your firearm handy by placing gun magnets under the dash, inside the glove compartment or in the central console. Vehicles are a popular location for burglaries as well as carjacking road-rage, and other incidents. This is why it’s more crucial than ever before to have access to your gun immediately and in a discreet manner whenever you sense threats approaching when you’re in your car with gun in one of any holsters.

What is it that makes what makes the FlexSolo gun magnet distinct?

If you keep your gun secure and easily accessible You can avoid unwanted accidents or shield yourself from potential dangers that might arise.


High-quality, durable material

The FlexSolo by BravoBelt isn’t your typical gun magnet. The mount for your gun is made of Neodymium, a rare earth alloy, coated with tough rubber. It can securely hold your firearms , without scratching them and can support upwards of 43 pounds.

Compatible with all the major brand names of guns

There’s no doubt that there are leather shoulder holsters a lot of gun owners with a variety of brands. You’ve probably had to deal with products that weren’t compatible with one brand you have which can cause a hole on your budget as you’re required to purchase additional accessories. Fortunately it’s the case that this FlexSolo can be used with all the major firearm brands, meaning you don’t need another gun mount to match the various firearms you own.

It’s compatible with the Glock series 17-43, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Browning, Desert Eagle, Kahr, Beretta, Ruger, Walther, FN-Herstal, Colt, Kimber, Heckler and Koch C-Z Steyr, Taurus 357, Rifles, 1911’s Ak-47, Sauer, Browning.


Worry-free gun mount

There are some of you who may be concerned about how gun magnets could impact your ammunition. The FlexSolo does not have any negative impact on the ammunition you carry. Ammunition components (brass cases copper and lead bullets gunpowder, primers, and gunpowder) are magnetically inert.

Also, you don’t have to be custom 1911 holsters concerned about your gun being thrown off of the FlexSolo even if are driving around in your vehicle. The magnetic gun mount is safe from shock, even when you use suspensions of jeeps or truck. You’ll feel secure that your gun is secure.

It is easy for installation, and easy to use

Its FlexSolo It is slim and small. You do not have to go through the hassle of assembling a complex device to attach your gun. There are just four major components, and they’re easy to construct. The box has provided (1) FlexSolo, Pre-Mount Adhesive (4) Screws that are safe-tapping, along with (4) Wall Anchors. Contrary to the other options We’ve included easy-to-install instructions that will make sure you’re up and running in a matter of minutes.