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Cosmetic surgeries emerge as a savior for many people who lack their confidence because of appearance problems. We all know that humans are social animals and to socialize there are basic strata. If you look good then you are welcome by everyone, therefore men do everything to look attractive and charming. But sometimes there are conditions due to which an individual’s physical appearance is hindered which leads to lack of confidence in men. Cosmetic surgeries help to regain confidence. Cosmetic surgeries deal with reshaping and contouring the body parts in order to give an enhancing look to the person. Cosmetic surgeries are available for every individual.

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty which is also known as hymen reconstruction surgery is a very delicate procedure which involves the placing of the hymen ring and surrounding tissues adjacent to each other.This procedure is performed by gynecologists and plastic surgeons.

Hymenoplasty surgery is done by women who have a desire to reinstate the intactness of their hymen and presume virginity. This hymen reconstruction surgery is very useful for the women who are involved in various physical activities for example running, indoor or outdoor games and cricket sport for regaining the natural tone and intactness of hymen and vagina. Hymenoplasty are mostly done by the women who may have any psychological reasons, cultural reasons and most probably physical reasons.

What are the complications that are involved in hymenoplasty?

As we know, hymen is pink membranous ring-shaped tissue which partially or completely wraps the vaginal opening. So, this surgery may involve some complications which are followed below:

  • Women who have done this procedure may have foul-smell discharge.
  • This cosmetic surgical procedure may involve some pain on the sites of hymen and vagina.
  • Intense itching is the most common complication seen in these patients.
  • This type of reconstruction surgery mostly involves inflammation and patients may complain of dizziness after some days of the surgery.
  • Abnormal bleeding can be a major complication which is rarely seen in this cosmetic surgery.

What are the Necessary care factors that should be remembered after hymenoplasty surgery?

There are a few points that you should take into consideration after hymenoplasty surgery.

  • Normally a hymenoplasty surgery takes four to six weeks for complete healing. During this period patients have to keep in mind some guidelines.
  • Patients with hymenoplasty are advice to begin normal activities only after approx. Ten days of the surgical procedure.
  • Patients are advised to make use of ice packs for excessive pain and swelling.
  • Patients are strictly told that they should take a bath only after one to two days of the cosmetical procedure.
  • Patients are prescribed regular antibiotics for preventing the vaginal area from various infections.
  • Patients with hymenoplasty should abstain from sex as late as eight to nine weeks after the surgical procedure.

Is hymenoplasty performed in ludhiana?

Yes, hymenoplasty is available in Ludhiana. Hymenoplasty in ludhiana is performed by experienced surgeons who will give you best results after the surgery. The surgery is performed after consent. You can take counselling before the surgery in order to clear your all doubts regarding the surgery.

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