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Get More Social Media Followers

The average internet user spends about 2.5 hours per day using social media. click here to engage with your targeted customers, social media is among the most effective methods.

Only one factor. In the end, the amount of people you can connect with is dependent on the number of people who follow you. The greater number of followers you have, the higher your chance that those in your target market will view your posts.

It’s simple. If you’re on Instagram or LinkedIn, You need to increase your followers to succeed on social media. Start by learning these seven strategies that have proven successful in increasing your social media followers.

1. Create a game

Contests on social media can be a great method to increase your following number. Most of the time, the rules are easy to follow. To be eligible to participate, you must have your followers follow your company’s brand and comment on your posts by adding a friend or two (to boost the exposure, the contest can attract more followers). You can collaborate with social media influencers and partners to increase contest entries and visibility.

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When your contest is finished, a few people will stop following you. You can reduce the number of people who unfollow you by ensuring that you have plenty of high-quality content to make them want to stay.

2. Post exclusive content

There must be a reason for people to follow companies through social networks. Sometimes, they feel a strong bond with the brand, and that’s all they need. Sometimes, the brand has a distinct voice, and users enjoy their humorous or snarky posts. The Duolingo TikTok account is a fantastic illustration of this.

Customers also follow brands to be notified of exclusive material. Exclusive content comes in various forms, such as flash sales, where the promotional code is exclusively shared on your social media channels. You can also use social media to showcase an alternative side to your brand. You are more casual, casual, in a way that is more “real.”

3. Engage with influencers who are the people your followers follow.

Collaboration with influencers can add legitimacy to the brand. If people trust or admire an influencer, and the influencer is a fan of your brand, they are more likely to connect these positive feelings to your company.

It is possible to collaborate with influencers however you think is appropriate. Certain brands organize influencer takeovers in which the influencer can take over the brand’s account for the day. You could also invite influencers to publish tutorials with your product only on your channel. Additionally, you can hold an AMA or #AskMeAnything by partnering with a popular influencer in your audience. If your brand can provide exclusive content from an influencer that cannot be found elsewhere, there is a greater chance for people to follow your account.

Be aware that the size of the influencer’s influence is less than the extent to which their followers align with your own. Micro-influencers may be less expensive, offer better engagement, and are more in touch with followers.

  • influencer engagement rates

4. Create shareable content

It is possible to increase your content’s reach and make it noticed by many more people by posting content that people want to share with their networks. This could bring you more followers.

What kinds of content are successful via social media?

  • Hot takes
  • News or industry trends
  • Memes
  • Quotes
  • Animals

Please make sure you regularly create content similar to this, and then your followers can share it on the channels of their choice.

5. Make sure you use the correct hashtags

The most popular hashtags and those with the most posts aren’t always the best route. Except for any specific holiday or event, not one is unique when everyone uses that same hashtag.

Using more hashtags relevant to your niche will help you lower your competition and boost the likelihood of your content being noticed by new potential users.

Pro Tips Use of too many hashtags results in lower engagement and could be perceived as unprofessional. Make sure your hashtags are 11 characters or less.

6. Be a thought-leader

Are your CEO or founder team being featured in the media? The more your name is publicized, the more people can be introduced to your company and choose to follow your social media accounts -especially when you post something interesting.

Find webinars, podcasts, and interviews for your company’s leaders. After those interviews, you’ll find that the host usually asks what viewers or listeners could find out more about. This is when you can guide users to the social media platforms!

7. Promote your social media

Also, ensure that there is a way for your existing clients and audience to connect to you on social media. Include the links on your various social media accounts in the footer of your website. Include relevant tweets in the blog post. Advertise your Instagram contest by sending out your email-based newsletter.

Find (and retain) the social media fans.

Your work isn’t done once you start getting more social media followers. It is also important to keep them. Also, be aware of the strategies that work for you and which ones aren’t.

If you need help determining what they are, get in touch with Your Marketing People. We’ll create a social media strategy for your business that encourages followers, engagements, and sales.


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