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India has a fascinating and long history with board games, having existed for many years, and board games being created and loved to this very day. They are often played with and loved by the entire family, and it becomes a way for the entire family to get to spend some time with each other. Most Indian board games often grow in popularity due to this exact quality. Board games are ideal for family bonding and spending time with one another.

The societal importance of board games in India cannot be underestimated. Board games are commonplace in most families and are a means of the family getting together and playing these games. Very fond memories are associated with the act of playing board games in India. Such fond memories are what board games are associated with in India. These traditional board games have now taken a digital form where people can play them using their smart phones. For example, if you have a smart phone, you can opt for online ludo game download and play it with your family members.  

Many western board games have made their way into the Indian space and are found to be very popular in it. With India’s long history with board games and the country’s love for them, it would only make sense. Board games are very popular in India.

Snakes and Ladders

The game is an absolute Indian classic. Most Indian families have spent a few evenings each summer playing this game with one another. The game is a simple one, played with a 6-sided dice, where players are attempting to reach the final box but face obstacles which are the snakes, but also lucky boosts if they run into a ladder. The very simple game is an Indian classic, ideal for playing with younger kids who have less experience with board games and are only just learning. It is often a starter game and the most common one to be purchased.


Chess is another Indian classic game. Some even attribute the origins of the game to India, making it a very common staple in most households. Chess is limited to being a 2 player game at a time, but the game can still be found in most family homes. Chess has a very large player base in India, is also used in many championships and has a very lively scene behind it. The strategic nature of the game makes it difficult for the game to be picked up, but children in India learn to play it at a rather young age. The game even has many newer online versions allowing people from across the world to play the game with one another.


Uno is a more western game that has made its way in India. This game has become very popular in contemporary India. The game is most often played by school children and sometimes with the family. It is a game all about making sure you have no more cards in your hand. Some special cards allow you to make your opponents pick more cards, which makes the game very interesting. The game has grown to be the most popular card game in the Indian sphere.


Ludo is a game that actually traces its origin in ancient India and is a game that is continued to be played in India. The game known as Ludo is the most modern and popular variation we have today, and it continues to be much loved in India. The game is one of India’s most popular family games as 4 people can easily play this game. It is so popular, in fact, that there is even an Online Ludo Download available that can be played with friends and family across large distances.


Carrom is another very popular board game in India. Its prominence is very well established. Carrom is a more skill-based tactile game that is a unique concept. Carrom is easier compared to a game such as billiards. That is more dependent on the ability to use other skills than strategy. The game is all about putting carrom disks into the holes and scoring as many points as possible. The game is very enjoyable to play and is one that is played all across India and even played competitively.


Scrabble is another western board game that has been growing in popularity all across India. The game is about creating words from the plates available and receiving points based on certain predefined rules. The game has some popularity in India and certainly is one that people enjoy a great deal.


Othello is another very fun game played across India, a game about controlling the board using tiles, where players can set down tiles in strategic locations and make sure that they control the larger portion of the board. The game is incredibly popular and well-loved across the country.

Board games in India are much loved, and India is a country that would happily adopt board games that are interesting, fun and can be played with the entire family. Start with online ludo game download and keep your family and friends engaged.

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