Impound Release Insurance- Explained in Easy-To-Understand Terms


Impound Release Insurance- Explained in Easy-To-Understand Terms

If your vehicle has been impounded for not being insured, you will need to secure impound insurance quickly. At Release my vehicle, we have got years

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If your vehicle has been impounded for not being insured, you will need to secure impound insurance quickly. At Release my vehicle, we have got years of experience in the insurance market. We provide 30-day temporary cover policies for just these kinds of situations.

Why are vehicles impounded?

The police and other local authorities will have the power to impound vehicles for several reasons 

  • The vehicle is not being insured
  • It was illegally parked on public roads
  • The vehicle was parked on private land without a SORN
  • It was being used in a dangerous manner
  • Someone else is driving the vehicle without a license
  • The vehicle is being used without valid insurance


If your car is being parked or driven on public roads, you should have reasonable car insurance and road tax; if you are caught driving without these, the vehicle will be impounded and taken to the pound.


If your vehicle has been impounded by the authorities and towed away or without insurance, you will need impounded car insurance to get your impounded car released from the pound. Not all insurance providers provide you cover for your impounded vehicle, but certain, special insurance brokers can provide insurance cover suitable to recover your impounded vehicle.


Why use impound insurance?

Unfortunately, many standard car insurance brokers will not include cover for impounded cars. If your car is impounded, you should add a reasonable cover to your current insurance policy or search for special impounded vehicle insurance. Some insurance providers might also provide cover with proof of insurance documents sent to you straight after you can release your vehicle.


How to release an impounded car?

If your car has been impounded by the police, it will be taken to the police pound. To release it, you must follow these simple steps:


  • The police will provide you with an impound notice when they take your vehicle at the roadside
  • You must attend the police pound within 7 working days to provide the needed documentation
  • You will also have to show driving license
  • If necessary, the driver will have to show a valid MOT certificate
  • The driver will be required to show the vehicle’s logbook
  • Proof of existing road tax on the vehicle
  • The driver will need to show proof of valid car insurance
  • If the driver took out this insurance policy after the vehicle was impounded then the driver should also declare to the insurance provider any relevant pending driving convictions
  • Once the police have checked your policy terms and conditions are well in place, they will provide you a release notice, helping you to release your impounded car from the police pound
  • Only the registered owner of the impounded vehicle will likely be allowed to release it other than in extraordinary situations
  • The driver will have to pay a release fee plus daily storage charges
  • If the vehicle is not collected within 14 days, it may be scrapped or sold at auction.


Short-term or Annual impound insurance?

You are required to access expert impound insurance coverage if you have just had your car impounded by the police, to help you to get the car released from the police pound. If the car is taken away by the police, maybe following a stop for ‘no insurance’ or ‘no tax’, quick insurance cover is available for the impounded car even after it was impounded. Before you can release the vehicle, you will be required to show insurance cover is in force for your impounded car for at least 30 days.


How much is impound insurance?

Not all insurance policies are reasonable for retrieving an impounded vehicle and cheap impounded car insurance will not always work to be suitable in the long go. Many insurance companies will not always provide the insurance coverage needed to release your impounded vehicle and the police are most likely to check that the policy you have is good enough for the release of the impounded car.


How Release my vehicle can help you?

Release my vehicle works with expert insurance providers who are experts in providing quick short-term impounded vehicle insurance allowing you to get the coverage you need to release the vehicle. To get an insurance quote, just complete a simple form and your details will be sent quickly to an expert insurance provider who will contact you to provide you with an insurance quote.

Impounded vehicle insurance coverage is available to all drivers aged 21 or above on a short-term base or as an annual insurance policy. If you do not have car insurance on your impounded car, it is a legal requirement, you are going to require to get it. In some states, not having car insurance on your car could well be the reason for your impound troubles.