How to write an Acknowledgement for PhD Dissertation?


How to write an Acknowledgement for PhD Dissertation?

Every PhD dissertation has a section of acknowledgement where you can thank the people who have helped in your dissertation. It is an important secti

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Every PhD dissertation has a section of acknowledgement where you can thank the people who have helped in your dissertation. It is an important section of your dissertation and a great opportunity for you to show your gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped you in a way such as giving advice, helping financially, giving emotional aid or providing intellectual knowledge. It is important that you carefully write this section. For this, this article can give you a proper guide to wire acknowledgement for PhD dissertation.

What is acknowledgement?

PhD Dissertation

The acknowledgement section of PhD dissertation is an opportunity to thank those people who have supported and helped you professionally and personally during the dissertation or thesis process. Acknowledgements in the dissertation or thesis might come between your abstract and title page. It must not be longer than the first page. You can use an informal writing style in this section if you want. You do not have to follow the usual academic writing guidelines. You can use first-person pronouns as well. It is because acknowledgement is not considered a part of academic work. It is just an opportunity for you to write something personal about your academic work. It is a very easy section to write. You just need to use a clear expression.

Where to write the acknowledgement section?

Usually, the acknowledgement section is written at the start of your project report. It is written before the table of content. You can also write this section at the end of PhD dissertation after the conclusion. But you need to write it before the reference section.

How long should this be?

The length of this section should not be more than 1 page of your dissertation. If you are writing a PhD dissertation, the none page is enough. It is important to note that you should keep this section as short as possible. Try to use concise wording to thank all the people that have helped you in your project. if your dissertation length is small, the n you should only write one paragraph. It is important that you at least thank your advisor in this section.  One to two short paragraphs or 100 to 200 words are fine for the length of the acknowledgement section.

Whom to Thank in your Acknowledgement?

It is a personal section of your PhD dissertation. You can thank anyone who has helped you in any way throughout your project. That help can be emotionally, financially, intellectually or technically as well. There might be people who have helped you in technical ways, such as giving supplies and materials. You can also mention academic assistance and advice. In an acknowledgement section, you can give credits to the following personnel:

  • Family
  • Your colleagues or your friends
  • Classmates
  • Your department
  • Your school or college
  • Academic staff of your school or college
  • Lab Assistant
  • Professors
  • Your teacher or supervisor

To write this section, you need proper knowledge of vocabulary so that you do not have to just repeat the words or use the wrong words. You cannot just thank you on every line of this section, as this can create a very bad impression. Your writing will become more interesting to read if you have some good words in it. Thus, it is important that you make a good acknowledgement page. To do this, you can search for many different samples on the internet. While writing this section, it would be best that you use personal pronouns such as me, my or I. This can make your acknowledgement section look personal and interactive with the readers. However, it would be best that you avoid using these pronouns in the rest of your PhD dissertation as you can only follow the academic writing style in the remaining sections. There are some common phrases that you use while writing acknowledgement of your dissertation. However, if you are unable to write this section, you can just simply get PhD dissertation help.

Phrases that you can use in an Acknowledgement:

Following are the phrases that you can use in acknowledgement of your PhD dissertation:

Strong Thank You:

You can use the following lines when you want to give a string thanks to the people who help you the most:

I am highly thankful for….

I will like to show my deepest thanks to . . . 

I will not be able to complete this project without the help of. . .

I cannot start to show my gratefulness to  . . .  . . . . . , who . . . . . .  

I will like to show my highest gratitude to  . . .  . . . .

I will like to give special regard to  . . . . . .

I want to thank . . . . . . . for his invaluable assistance of.  .  . . .  .  ..

Medium Thank You:

I also like to thank . . . . .

I should also thank. . . . 

I also like to pay regards to . . . . 

I should also appreciate  . . .

I will also like to show my deepest thanks to . . . 

Weaker Thank You:

I would also like to acknowledge the help of . . .

I must also like to thank. .  .

Finally, I should thank  . . .

After giving thanks to everyone, it is important you also mention the reason why you are thanking them. You can thank the people for their support, guidance, sharing their experience, suggestions and advice. You should have the proper vocabulary to write a better acknowledgement for your PhD dissertation.


The above guide can help you write a perfect acknowledgement for your PhD dissertation. It is important that you use the above-given techniques and phrases in your acknowledgement section in order to make it effective. With the help of the above-given phrases, you can easily write this section in no time.