A move is usually synonymous with a new beginning that will normally fill us with illusion and joy. However, storing and organizing all our belongings

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A move is usually synonymous with a new beginning that will normally fill us with illusion and joy. However, storing and organizing all our belongings can be quite cumbersome since there are always objects that are difficult to transport due to their dimensions or material.

In addition, over the years, we tend to accumulate numerous items that may be of little use or difficult to move, and we will have to think if we need them or if it is better to get rid of them.

Cardboard boxes will be very helpful in our move.

Therefore, properly packing fragile objects so that they are not lost or damaged is a challenge. For example, one of those objects that are difficult to transport is the mattress. Due to its dimensions, the fabric that covers it and its padding layers that are delicate and can easily tear, it must be protected with great care.

Our rest is important, so you should not neglect how you transport your mattress.

To prevent it from arriving at our new home stained or broken, we must follow a series of general tips to protect them during the move:

  • Use quality and resistant packaging that protects it from dirt or possible breakage.
  • Each article needs a different packaging according to its characteristics. We can find many plastics, boxes and equipment suitable for each product in the market. This way, we will guarantee that it does not suffer any damage during the transfer.

The transport of our mattress

  • Wrap the mattress so that it is well protected. For this, we can use a plastic roll and cover it completely. Thus, we will avoid dirt and moisture that can easily catch while transporting it. If the mattress gets wet, it can rot and become unusable.
  • For greater guarantee, you can put a piece of cardboard in all the corners. This way, we will provide you with extra protection since they will support you.
  • Place old blankets and comforters under the mattress on the bottom. This way, we will avoid displacements by the truck.
  • Place the mattress between two pieces of furniture. With this, we will ensure that the mattress does not hit the vehicle with other items we transport during the move.
  • It is not recommended to fold the mattress if the interior is sprung during the move, as it can deform. This should be stretched and in a vertical position.
  • For its transfer, we must not drag it on the ground. The idea is to carry it by weight for at least two people.
  • If we leave the mattress stored for a while, special care must be taken not to place weight on it, as it could deteriorate or deform.
  • If it gets wet despite following the above instructions for transporting your mattress, we must air it out so that it dries completely before use.

Moving truck

Renting a moving truck is a simple and practical way to transport our mattresses with the guarantee that our belongings will not suffer any incident.

When hiring the services of a vehicle to make our move, we must make sure that it is closed. In this way, we will avoid weather surprises such as rain or air, which can affect the mattress. We also recommend you to use mattress bags for moving.

Even so, you should do it on a day that does not rain, although you can always cover your belongings with plastic to prevent them from getting wet.

Mattress storage

If the mattress remains unused for a while, you should rent a storage room.

To protect it and place it properly, you must follow a series of simple instructions that will help you to keep it intact until you use it again:

  • If possible, the mattress should remain in a horizontal position, and we have to protect it from dust and humidity that can do so much damage.
  • Pocket-sprung mattresses cannot be stored or stacked vertically. They must be kept horizontal. During a transfer or move, there will be no problem since it only takes a few hours. However, for a longer time, you will have to lie down.
  • When you are going to use it, unpack it and let it air out for at least a few hours before making the bed and using it again.

TIP: If you want to move your mattress without moving then buy protective packaging stuff from Britwrap.

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