How to Prevent Amazon Package


How to Prevent Amazon Package

If you typically shop online rather than at a strip mall, you know the anxiety that arises when your delivered parcels are exposed at your door. And

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If you typically shop online rather than at a strip mall, you know the anxiety that arises when your delivered parcels are exposed at your door. And these concerns are valid.

A survey by Insurance Quotes found that in 2020, shipments were stolen from 18% of American buyers. Don’t let Nyc package receiving service thieves ruin your hassle-free Amazon deliveries. Finding stolen goods is a waste of time and unnecessary concern given all the online convenience.

1) Install surveillance equipment

When it comes to safeguarding your online purchases, security cameras have a dual purpose. They can not only let you know when a delivery is coming, but they can also keep track of any package theft.

Look for cameras with motion detectors so you can receive notifications on your smartphone or another mobile device whenever there is activity on the porch, such as Vivint’s Doorbell Camera Pro. If delivery is stolen, cameras that record and replay action are also helpful.

2) Get to know the couriers.

Not every security measure is cutting-edge. It still pays to get along with the delivery people who come to your neighborhood if you want to secure your belongings.

Knowing your delivery person implies that they are also familiar with your package preferences.

A delivery worker who is familiar with you is more likely to leave you a notification about an attempted delivery than to leave your package if anything doesn’t seem right at your house.

3) Upgrade your mail service

Making sure a package isn’t left out in the open is one of the finest methods to guarantee that it won’t be stolen from your porch.

A Bench Sentry by Genie Secure Nyc package receiving service porch Box is a stylish choice that comes in a range of sizes and designs to complement the beauty of your home and is ideal for FedEx and UPS delivery.

4) Use a Locker from Amazon

You will enjoy the ease and security of Amazon Lockers if you are already an Amazon Prime member. When you’re ready to take your Amazon purchases home, you may use these self-service lockers to safely pick them up at a local establishment (like a convenience store or Whole Foods).

Leave the locker unlocked so that when a Nyc package receiving service is delivered, the delivery person may close it and keep it secure until you get back.

5) Connect with your community

To combat package theft, working with your neighbors is a good idea. Agree to be on the lookout for strangers in the area and to watch out for deliveries at one another’s residences.

Collaborating with your neighbors is a wise move to keep your deliveries secure. In an emergency, you can also assist by accepting deliveries for others or by locating a nearby neighbor who will take your things.

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6) Including a smart doorbell

To monitor package deliveries, you don’t need a sophisticated security system. Perhaps all you need is a smart doorbell to keep your goods safe.

If you have a video doorbell, it may prevent package theft, or if it does occur, it may assist you in apprehending the perpetrator.

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7) Use Amazon Key 

It’s challenging to get in-home delivery if you’re not at home. Amazon, however, has you covered.

To ensure that your products are always delivered safely, use Amazon Key to authorize access to delivery personnel remotely. Only Amazon Prime members can receive Amazon Key deliveries, which aren’t offered everywhere.

8) In-person package pickup

Keeping things at the post office or delivery service store until you can pick them up personally is one definite way to ensure safety. It might not be nearly as handy as receiving deliveries at your front door.


It’s crucial to keep your goods secure after delivery because more people than ever before shop online.

We can’t always be at home, which is unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean we have to invite Nyc package-receiving service snatchers to steal our goods.

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