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Employers use resumes to understand a candidate’s strengths, skills, and experience better. It is the first point of contact with any organization or company you apply to and helps set the tone for the subsequent steps like first and second interviews, pre-screening processes, and even onboarding. This is why applicants should try to make their resumes as noticeable and attractive as possible.

To that end, here is a complete guide to help you create an effective resume so you can bag your dream job!

Importance of a resume

Your resume is your frontline fighter when searching for your dream job. It is the most critical piece of document that you will submit in your search for the best job. It is also your first opportunity to present yourself to a potential employer. According to market insights, hiring managers and employers look at different resumes for six to seven seconds.

Thus, you must make every second count. To understand more about why you should develop the best resume possible, let’s look at the importance of writing one.

  • Your resume reaches your organisation before you do
  • Your resume speaks volumes about you
  • Your resume helps to convince your employer that you are the one employee they are looking for
  • Your resume helps you to sell your skills
  • It helps to brand yourself as a fully functioning employee
  • It helps you grab an interview
  • It helps you create a lasting first impression
  • It helps you showcase your achievements

Thus, a strong and well-written resume can help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants and helps you get one step ahead in getting hired by landing you an interview. Also, according to another market insight, a professionally written resume enables you to land an interview and can also increase your earning potential by 7%.

So, how do you create the best resume for yourself? Read on to find out a few great resume writing tips collected from experts.

6 Resume Writing Tips for Better Opportunities

Before writing a resume, it is important to analyse the job posting or organisation you are applying to. The best way to start is by carefully reading the job description. When you apply for different jobs, you should start by studying the job description for certain keywords that indicates what the employer is looking for in the ideal employee. Then it would be best if you tried to include the keywords in your resume wherever possible.

For example, if the company you apply to specialises in dissertation help services, you should mention the same in your keywords.

You should also pay attention to the Qualifications or Requirements section of your job description and check for any specific keywords you need to use. For example, if you are applying for the position of an accountant, you may want to use keywords like “tax filing”, “corporate accounting”, or even “tax returns” in your resume.

Read on to find out more excellent resume writing tips.

  1. Review sample reviews for your industry

One great way to understand how to prepare the best resume is by reading and reviewing sample resumes from your career domain or industry. This helps inspire you to create a great resume and helps you understand the best practices involved. There are three main points or takeaways you should look for:

  • Make your resume simple and easy to understand
  • Keep your resume brief
  • Include numbers or bullets in your content

When reviewing sample resumes, keep in mind that you shouldn’t copy resumes word to word. Instead, you should take inspiration from them and learn how to create an industry-standard resume that will help you get noticed.

  • Customise your resume for different positions

If you think the same resume may work for different positions, you are mistaken. Different positions require different skillsets and qualities that may be lacking in your resume. Thus, it would help if you were customising your resume according to different positions by using keywords from job descriptions as mentioned above. You can also create several resumes for some common positions you will be applying to. Thus, you can eliminate some amount of customisation that you will need to carry out for different jobs.

  • Keep your resume direct and short

As I mentioned before, the average employer looks at a resume for just 7 seconds. Thus, the number one resume writing rule is keeping it short. The general rule for creating a resume is sticking to one page unless you have a good reason to make it longer.

One easy way to keep your resume short is by including only recent and relevant work experiences. Experts recommend sticking to just two or three previous work positions to give your employer a general idea about your work history.

  • Use professional fonts for your resume

Since your employer will only have a short time to review your resume, you should keep it as clear as possible. This includes using clean and basic fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. Also, keep your font size between 10 and 12 points. Finally, when selecting your font, try to use a readable and clear font that can make your resume more professional.

It would help if you also tried to reduce the white space in your resume. Too much white or blank space in your resume will make it seem distracting or sparse to your audience. It can also raise a red flag possibly. However, reducing the white space on your resume makes it easier for your reader to focus on what’s important and relevant.

  • Put your best information above the fold

Above the fold refers to what people see in the first half of a folded newspaper, where all the important news articles of the day get printed. However, it is the first half of your page in terms of resume. Therefore, it would help if you tried to include all essential and relevant information about yourself in the top part of your resume. The top part is what your employers and hiring managers will notice when reading your resume. This will help them get hooked on your resume and capture their interest enough to make them go through your entire resume.

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  • Check for errors

Double-check your resume and get a second opinion on it. Ensure your resume is 100% clean and there is no sloppiness present. Check for items like:

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Formatting
  • Headings

You can also use several online proofreading and editing tools to ensure your resume is polished and there are zero errors. Any errors or mistakes in your resume can appear unprofessional and reduce your hiring chances. So, always proofread and edit your resume thoroughly. You can also rephrase your content with the top Paraphrasing Tool Online.

Final thoughts

Your resume is a list of features that you write about yourself. However, it should be written like a list of benefits you can provide to your employer. Try to follow these resume writing tips while writing your resume and increase your hiring chances now!

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