How to learn Arabic easily? Valuable Guide


How to learn Arabic easily? Valuable Guide

The Arabic Language: The Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, with 422 million speakers. So, Spoken Arabic It i

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The Arabic Language:

The Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, with 422 million speakers. So, Spoken Arabic It is also the official language throughout the Arab world. So, Most visitors of Saudia Arabia want to Learn Arabic Language. This is in addition to other countries whose people speak Arabic, such as Chad and Eritrea, which is one of the languages, six official approved by the United Nations, and an international day was adopted to celebrate its memory the United Nations on December 18 of each year, and learning the Arabic language is very important, especially for a Muslim, through which he learns the meanings of the Noble Qur’an and the honorable Sunnah of the Prophet.

Learn Arabic reading and writing

Reading the Arabic language and writing its words is one of the main things that you must learn in order to be proficient in it.

  1. Memorizing the letters of the Arabic language in full, reading, and writing, for it is the basis on which words are composed, and upon which any language relies.
  2. Distinguish the vowels, the Yukon found in the Arabic language, the letters of the extension, and the differentiation of the letters of the extension from the vowels, as they help to read and write the word in the correct way for it.
  3. Learn to read each letter of the letters separately with the fatha, kasra, and damma, as well as with the letter made such as the letter ba (ba, b, b) (ba, bai, bu), as well as writing each letter in the same way.
  4. The distinction between static n, and tanween.
  5. Differentiate between the solar lam and the lunar one in pronunciation, and words that contain both of them.
  6. Write the letter at the beginning of the word, in the end, and in the middle of it.
  7. Knowing the rules of pronunciation, writing hamza, and training on that.
  8. Choosing texts that contain 100 words at the beginning, and writing them by heart, then writing texts that are larger in number of words.
  9. Reading and writing are linked in a very strong way, the more you read, the more you can write, and vice versa.
  10. Talk to friends through social media by writing classics.
  11. Arabic spoken course can also help you a lot to learn Arabic language.

Teaching Arabic to children

Teaching Arabic to children must pass through several stages, namely:

The first stage

At this stage, a good teacher must first be chosen for the children in order to teach them the correct pronunciation, so he must himself be the correct output, and the teacher must have the ability to transfer the information to them gradually until it reaches their minds in an easy and fast way, then the teacher must begin to Teach them the letters of extension.

He extends them as much as possible so that they know that they are letters of extension, and after that, they are taught the alphabet, but not in their name, but with the sounds of the letters, then they are taught the movements on the letters, but the teacher does not exceed four letters in one lesson.

The second phase

  1. After that, the child takes compound letters with other letters of the extension, with no more than seven letters in one lesson.
  2. Then the child must be able to pronounce the extended letters, and then put the extended letters into words that the student writes and reads.
  3. There should also be a periodic review of what has passed by giving the child exercises in the papers, and in order to move from each stage quickly, the child must take these exercises at the end of the stage.

third level

  1. At this stage, the child learns the shape of the movements, and their pronunciation of the letters, with the introduction of the letter with other letters such as Bu, wider, or other letters.
  2. At this stage, he also recognizes the letter of the definition, so we say the book, the brochure.
  3. At the end of this stage, the child will be able to read the letters and the three-letter words, after which the letters in the words are increased, the words are diversified, and then he takes the complete sentences, then the dictation stage by heart.

Teaching Arabic to adults

  1. First, you must learn all the letters of the Arabic language and read them correctly. This is the first step to learn Arabic Language.
  2. Writing and reading the three letters of the extension.
  3. The three movements distinguish the conquest, damm, and kasra.
  4. Writing the 28 letters of the Arabic language with the letters of the extension.
  5. Write the three Arabic letters with each of the movements individually.
  6. It is necessary to identify verbs and nouns in the Arabic language, and distinguish between the present tense, the past tense, the imperative, and the way some sentences are pronounced.
  7. Then he moves on to writing the sentences himself, and arranging them in a correct way, and he must learn and hear the sentences a lot, and try to make the sentences compatible with what he hears in reality.
  8. There are many books that can be used help to learn the Arabic language on their own, as they facilitate each of the steps.
  9. Reading many stories from different fields, beginning with children’s stories, as the language in them is easy and simplified.
  10. Reading the news that is shown on television, and the information that is written, and motivating the learner to read advertisements in the streets.
  11. Watching the foundation programs for the Arabic language on YouTube, and TV.
  12. The learner can also read the verses of the Noble Qur’an from the electronic Qur’an with the Sheikh, or watch the Noble Qur’an channels on television, and this helps to watch, listen, and read at the same time, which enables the student to consolidate what he reads in his mind.
  13. Trying to establish and compose sentences by himself helps him to become more confident in himself and in his language.
  14. Determine a group of easy pieces that contain common words to read, and then the difficulty increases after that, little by little.

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Learn Standard Arabic

An adult can learn Standard Arabic in one of two ways:

Synthetic method:

  • It is done by the student learning sounds, then letters, then words, then sentences.
  • Sounds: By hearing the sounds and repeating them, the outputs are correct.
  • Letters: By training on the shape of the letter alone, and its shape if it is connected with other letters, how much is known about the method of writing the letter?
  • Words: he learns in them in the same way he learns letters, and begins with words consisting of three letters, then more and more.
  • Sentences: Sentences are read and written correctly, and basic grammatical and morphological rules must be learned.

Analytical method:

This method starts from where the first method ends, in which the student learns how to pronounce sentences and their form, and through it, he learns words and letters.

Learn Arabic grammar

Learning the Arabic language cannot be separated from its rules, so learning the rules is one of the most important necessities for learning the language and grammar rules, and morphology is among the most important things that help you to strengthen the Arabic language and make it free from errors.