How to export Gmail emails to CSV File-[ 2 Simple Ways ]


How to export Gmail emails to CSV File-[ 2 Simple Ways ]

CSV is an abbreviation for "comma-separated values" that consists of large databases. You use it to transfer files from one program to another; it's n

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CSV is an abbreviation for “comma-separated values” that consists of large databases. You use it to transfer files from one program to another; it’s not meant to store files in the long run. You can open these files with a bunch of programs; CSV files can be read using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Notepad. The only thing you need to know is how to export Gmail emails to a CSV file.

Though in this article we discuss simple ways to export Gmail emails to CSV file, which include a manual way and a professional way to save Gmail emails to CSV file, now let’s check some cases why you need to export Gmail emails to CSV file.

Why Need to Export Gmail Emails to CSV File

  • You can easily store the CSV file offline and access it whenever you need it.
  • Your 15 GB of Google-provided storage space is released when you use CSV.
  • It also functions as a backup of your Gmail email data, which is useful in an array of instances.
  • CSV files may be opened in Excel as spreadsheets and are a commonly used and popular file format. When you are unable to read your Gmail email because of internet connectivity, it still functions for you and may be viewed offline.

Way-1 Export Gmail Emails to CSV File Using Manual Solution.

You need to complete two stages in order to use this strategy. To download Gmail emails with Outlook, follow the steps below:

Step-1 Turn on IMAP in Gmail

  • Open your Gmail account and sign in.
  • Now go to the settings and click the “See all settings” button.
  • Next, select the forwarding and POP/IMAP options from the horizontal row.
  • In the upper side Tap on the Enable IMAP option and then press the Save Changes icon to enable IMAP access.

Step-2 Save Gmail emails to CSV file using outlook.

  • Open Outlook on your system and press the File option from the menu bar.
  • Now, tap on the open & export option then choose Import/export.
  • Select export to file from import /export list, then Click on Next button.
  • select “Comma Separated Values” as the desired option and tap Next.
  • Pick the inbox folder that contains all the emails; you can choose any folder from the mailbox.
  • Then tap on the next button.
  • Press the browse button, then choose the desired CSV file from the list; now click on the next button.
  • At last, click on the Finish button, and then, as you see in the above steps, easily save Gmail emails to CSV file.

Limitation of manual solution

  • Due to its complexity, it may be difficult for non-technical users to perform the task.
  • takes lots of time to save data.
  • It is a lengthy process.
  • It does not provide proper security while in use.

Way-2 Export Gmail Emails to CSV File Using Professional Solution

Gmail Backup Tool is one of the best programs to backup your valuable Google data, such as Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Gmail, and Hangouts Chats. Also, this software has some useful features like deleting duplicate emails from file folders, deleting data migrated to Google accounts, etc.


  • You will use storage while using this method according to your needs.
  • It takes a little time to download your data.
  • It is an easy task for new users to perform these steps.
  • There is no network-related activity during use. which is good for the user.
  • Many document formats, such as PDF, ICS, TEXT, HTML, and vCard.
  • Save Gmail from emails into file formats such as EML, MBOX, MST, and PST using Email Backup Wizard.

Note: The Corbett Gmail Backup software gives 100% security.

Steps to Use Professional Solution

Step 1: Download and install a professional solution to your system, and then click on the “Open” button.
Step 2: Press “email address” and select the “Add Account” option from the frame.

Step 3: Add your email address and password, and save Gmail emails to a folder if you are not able to log in. Please select the “advanced settings” option.
Step 4: Then press the find button to add an IMAP server, and then click the add button.
Step 5: Next, click the Export button and choose CSV from the list of export options.
Step 6: Finally, export Gmail email to a CSV file easily.
You see how easy it is to understand this way, that is, using Corbett software. Use these in the above-specified steps.


Well, the ball is in your court, and you have to decide whether to choose one of the two solutions for exporting Gmail emails to CSV file. If you have good hands-on experience with Outlook, then you must try way-1 for export; otherwise, use the second way (Corbett software). Hence, experts recommend a second way for users to export Gmail emails to CSV file.