Teacher video resumes have long been popular in other countries, particularly in the United States, where it is a well-established reality. However, they are also taking their first steps in Europe, which is proving to be a resource-rich in potential

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Along with traditional teacher resumes, which will always be necessary, the video resume is gaining attention.

Teacher video resumes have long been popular in other countries, particularly in the United States, where it is a well-established reality. However, they are also taking their first steps in Europe, which is proving to be a resource-rich in potential. Video resumes for teachers are particularly useful at a time when it is critical to know how to move most efficiently to find employment and be noticed by schools or recruiters.

The purpose of a video resume is to pique the viewer’s interest, curiosity, and desire to further review the application. All the aspects mentioned in the teacher video resume can then be discussed further during a face-to-face interview, so here are some tips on how to create one efficiently.

How To Make A Teacher Video Resume

Preparation stage

First and foremost, you should consider what to say and what content to include in the teacher video resume.

As a result, creating an outline and script is a great place to start because it allows you to plan your work.

It is also necessary to select the location or locations where the video will be shot, taking into account factors such as the background, background noise, and lighting.

Similarly, selecting appropriate clothing, which must be the same as that worn in a hypothetical job interview, is an important aspect to consider during the preparation phase.

Creating The Teacher Video Resume

A teacher video resume consists of an introduction, a central section, and a conclusion. The most important thing is to cover all bases: why you believe you are the best candidate, your education, experience, and skills.

You should include the following in your teacher video resume:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Place of origin and/or residence
  • Educational and training qualifications
  • Most recent job experiences
  • Position for which you are applying and your professional goals.
  • Availability for start (immediate or otherwise) and type of work commitment (full-time, part-time, etc.).
  • Relevant characteristics and skills

Then, conclude the video by thanking the recruiter for their attention and providing your contact information so they can reach out.

Even the format of a video resume for teachers conveys a message to those who view it: it can reveal a candidate’s creativity, originality, or qualities of dependability and practicality. The result can be extremely variable.

You can choose between several approaches: whether you create a traditional video, recreating the neutral setting of a standard interview, or a creative video based on a script. For example, it can be a self-presentation or a mock interview with a voice-over proposing the questions.


Poorly shot images, bad lighting, and especially poor audio can jeopardize the final result, even if the content is good; always use professional or decent tools.

Be brief

The video resume should not be used to substitute the traditional version: instead, it should highlight qualities that are not visible on paper. The ideal length is 60 to 90 seconds.

Editing the Teacher Video Resume

After the material has been recorded, the editing phase completes the process of creating the video resume.

To make the teacher video CV accessible, it is necessary to have an Internet connection, a video editing program, and a platform to upload it.

Once created and edited, the teacher video CV can be uploaded to one of the many video-hosting websites or sent directly as an attachment to your resume and cover letter.

How to present yourself in a teacher video resume: some tips

  • Put on appropriate clothing.
  • Maintain the same demeanor as you would in a job interview.
  • Be sincere.
  • Speak slowly.
  • Work on non-verbal communication.
  • Don’t go too far and keep the video short.
  • Enhance your strengths.
  • Talk about your ambitions.
  • Explain why you feel you are adding value to the school.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Before uploading the teacher video resume, it is recommended that you show it to a trusted friend, mentor, or other individuals who can provide external feedback and an honest opinion.

To summarize, a video resume for teachers can be an excellent opportunity not only to increase your chances of getting the desired job but also to use as an additional tool to make yourself known and increase your contacts.