How to convert OLM file to PST Outlook format the simple guide


How to convert OLM file to PST Outlook format the simple guide

Users wanted to convert OLM to a PST file for what reasons? Users may want to manually convert OLM to PST for a number of reasons. All of the expla

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Users wanted to convert OLM to a PST file for what reasons?

Users may want to manually convert OLM to PST for a number of reasons. All of the explanations are presented here. Study them thoroughly.

The user has to convert their OLM files to Outlook PST format if they wish to transition from the Mac to the Windows operating system.

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You must convert an overwritten OLM parent folder into the PST format in order to retrieve data from it.

When using Mac Outlook, PST files have a larger storage capacity than OLM files.

Users throughout the world accept the Outlook PST file, making it simple and straightforward to transmit or receive files in PST format rather than OLM.

The OLM to PST converter allows the User to Export the OLM file to PST and multiple file types such as HTML, MBOX, EML, PDF, EMLX, MSG, file type. This tool Export all the OLM files, Emails, Attachments, Journals, Notes, Contacts, Calendars, and etc.

Simple Procedures for Manual OLM File to PST Conversion

Users can convert their OLM files to PST format using a variety of methods. All the methods are thoroughly listed in this section. Carefully follow each step.

Making an IMAP Account in Step 1

  • By inputting your Google Mail login information, you can access your Gmail account.
  • Click the “See All Settings” option under the gear icon.
  • Open the POP/IMAP and Forwarding tabs at this time.
  • Then turn on IMAP and hit the Save Changes button.

Step 2: Set up Outlook on a Mac Using an IMAP Account

  • Open the Outlook application (on a Mac) and choose the Accounts to option under the Tools menu.
  • Select the email that needs configuration, then input your credentials.
  • Enter the IMAP server, click “Add Account,” and then select an SSL connection with the SMTP server and port 465.

Step 3: Export Outlook Mails to an IMAP Account

  • Select the objects you wish to transfer in Outlook for Mac and then open it.
  • Right-click the folder again to see the move tabs. Copy the folder option.
  • Then, pick the Copy option after selecting your IMAP folder.
  • After that, convert your OLM emails to IMAP format by adding a Send/Receive button to the IMAP folder.

Step 4: Setup an IMAP account in Outlook for Windows

  • Start the Control Panel, then select the Mail tab.
  • After selecting “New,” click on the “Email Account” option.
  • Press the Next button after selecting “Manually configure the server settings.”
  • To continue, select the IMAP/POP configuration and hit the Next button.
  • Enter your IMAP account credentials and the incoming and outgoing server information after that. Click
  • Then, choose the SSL connection and type 465 as the SMTP server port number.
  • Set SSL and 993 as the IMAP server’s port numbers in the Advanced tab.
  • After a few minutes, click the Next button and then the Finish button to finish.

Users can manually convert OLM to PST using the aforementioned options. The manual techniques mentioned above do have certain drawbacks, which we have detailed below:

  • The aforementioned manual approach takes a lot of time and effort from the users.
  • Additionally, there is a high likelihood of data corruption and loss.
  • To complete the aforementioned process, users need to have some technical knowledge.
  • The proper application of the phases is absolutely necessary for the procedure to provide a desirable result.

Users are searching for a different OLM to PST conversion solution in order to get over all of the constraints mentioned above. In that situation, we advise customers to use the other route.

As a result, we’ve launched SYSessential OLM to PST Converter software, one of the best programs available for converting OLM files to PST, EML/EMLX, MBOX, and other formats. The complete inbox, including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc., is exported using this tool. Additionally, it is equipped with very sophisticated technologies that provide a pleasant user experience.

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Users can manually convert OLM to PST using any of the methods covered in this article. We advise customers to choose the expert method, which quickly transforms their OLM file to several file formats and email clients, as manual approaches have certain limits. This method makes conversion simple and painless while maintaining the integrity of the data.