How to Convert EML to PDF in Bulk with Attachment Files?


How to Convert EML to PDF in Bulk with Attachment Files?

Learn how to convert EML to PDF in bulk with attachments. In this article, we will explain the complete solution for converting files to PDF format wi

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Learn how to convert EML to PDF in bulk with attachments. In this article, we will explain the complete solution for converting files to PDF format without regard to size limitations or restrictions.

EML files are a type of single storage file format that contains the entire message in a well-managed format. A specific file will contain all of the data items contained in a single email, including attachments, content, email headers, and all other data items. Because of their flexible structure, EML files are used by a large number of applications to store message information. Some examples include Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail. You can also save emails as EML files to your local hard drive.

When it comes to PDFs, on the other hand, we can say that it is one of the portable file formats that can be opened anywhere and at any time. Passwords can also be used to protect them for legal purposes.


Users convert EML files to PDF when they need to print multiple emails saved as EML files. Also, when they want to keep the backup in their system for future reference. Another reason is that EML files require any EML-supported application to view the data, whereas PDF files do not require any type of application or another platform to view the data.

It is essential for users to understand how to print emails stored as EML files. Converting EML files to PDF with attachments is the best option. The reason is self-evident. To print emails, PDF files are the most secure file format. So, obviously, I’ll explain the simplest way to batch convert EML to PDF format with attached attachment files.

Why Convert EML Files to PDF?

There are numerous reasons why users should become acquainted with the better conversion approach. There are times when a user needs to immediately open a previously saved email and open their email client for this purpose.

Because applications can crash, or when you open your email client on a regular basis to read an email or message. This is not ideal, for one simple reason: any email client can take a long time to open and retrieve data from the source file. There are some practical reasons as well, which are discussed below:

  • If you receive EML files from a superior, colleague, or friend, you will most likely need to install an email client to open them unless you have converted the emails to PDF format.
  • Because EML files are simple text formatting files, they are easily accessible to unauthorized users. Though PDF is the best and most secure file format, if anyone has access to the PDF files, they will notify you of the edited version.
  • In contrast to PDF files, EML files cannot be shared between different sources or operating systems. Although PDF is cross-platform and can be opened on any system, including any operating system, iPhone, and mobile device.

Converting EML to PDF Manually

In this section, we will look at a simple and cost-effective solution for file conversion. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to Outlook >> Select an EML file.
  • Then, select Save As and save the file as HTML.
  • Navigate to the HTML file in MS Office.
  • Go to the File Menu >> Save As >> PDF option.
  • Then, in a specific location, save the file as a PDF.

As a result of following these steps, you can easily convert the EML file to PDF. However, you can only convert one file at a time, and to convert a large number of files, you must repeat the steps continuously. As a result, it is not recommended to use this solution for bulk file conversion. That is why we advise you to use the second-mentioned solution.

The Most Effective Method for Batch Converting EML to PDF with Attachments

To be more specific, Softaken EML to PDF Migrator Software, allows you to export both .emlx and.eml files, which is far superior. The tool takes a very advanced approach and was created with a special integrated algorithm that allows users to complete the conversion as quickly as possible. It also does not impose any file size restrictions, and when converting multiple EML files to PDF, the original format and hierarchy of all files and folders are preserved throughout the process.

This utility also allows you to export data in a variety of formats, including importing EML to Outlook, importing EML to Office 365, importing EML files to Gmail, converting EML to MSG, converting EML to HTML, and many more.

Download the EML to PDF Converter Setup for free:

Trial Restrictions: This application’s free trial demo allows users to convert only the first 25 EML files. But don’t worry, by purchasing a license, you can export an unlimited number of emails to Adobe PDF documents.

How Can I Convert Several EML Files to PDF?

  • Install and launch the EML to PDF Converter.
  • EML files can be loaded into the application in two ways.
  • Select only the EML files that are required.
  • Choose PDF from the list of 30+ saving options.
  • Configure options and then examine the live conversion process.

Steps for Converting Multiple EML Files to PDF

  • To begin, install and run the mentioned converter in your existing system.

eml converter

  • Load EML files into the utility in two ways: Select Files or Select Folders.
  • Select only the necessary EML files from the application panel.

eml converter preview

  • Choose PDF from the list of available saving formats.
  • Configure conversion options such as changing the destination path, using file naming conventions, and so on.

eml converter options

  • To begin the conversion, click the Next button. The utility will show users a live preview of the entire process, complete with all details.
  • From its panel, a confirmation message box will appear. Now press the OK button.
  • Directly download the resulting PDF files from the destination location.


This article will guide you through the steps of converting EML files to PDF with attachments. Even though we mentioned the manual method, it also produces the desired results with 100% accuracy, but it has some limitations. As a result, we recommend that you use the automated approach, which is more effective and convenient to use and works in accordance with consumer needs and requirements. Connect with our technical experts for more information and if you encounter any problems.

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