How To Avoid Electrical Hazards At Workplace


How To Avoid Electrical Hazards At Workplace

Even if it may not appear like your company has a high risk for electrical accidents, all organizations need to consider electrical safety. Electrical

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Even if it may not appear like your company has a high risk for electrical accidents, all organizations need to consider electrical safety. Electrical improperly maintained or operated equipment may result in fires, electric shock, or electrocution, resulting in fatalities or seriously injured people. For a business owner, you should look for Commercial Electrical Services in Los Angeles CA for a safety checklist. With the help of these professionals, you can secure your workplace from electrical risks. Moreover, with the help of professionals, you will also be able to recognize any problem and fix it.

Commercial Electrical Services In Los Angeles CA And Electricity At Work Regulations

Electrical safety is key to keeping a healthy and safe workplace for companies. The Health and Safety Executive receives reports of roughly 1,000 electrical workplace incidents each year, and about 30 persons suffer fatal injuries due to these mishaps.

Employers must ensure that all electrical equipment is secure under the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989). By a competent individual, it should be examined, properly installed, periodically inspected, and maintained.

Any electrical dangers must be subject to an electrical risk assessment by the employer. The evaluation should specify who electrical risks potentially hurt, how much risk has been determined, and the safety measures taken to reduce the risk. Additionally, you must instruct your personnel on workplace electrical safety. Moreover, it is important to recognize electrical dangers in the workplace to avoid penalties.

Injuries That Electrical Hazards Can Cause

You can look for Electrical Installation Services in Los Angeles CA to hire professionals so they can check if everything is ok. This is also important to avoid injuries and electrical hazards. The most common wounds brought on by electrical dangers are:

  • Burns from electrical current that enter and leave the body is known as electrical burns.
  • Secondary wounds due to shock effects, such as being thrown to the ground or falling from a ladder.

Contact with a live wire or ungrounding equipment might result in electric shock.

Common Electrical Hazards at Workplace

Many tools and equipment in the workplace provide an electrical danger. However, some of them are the most typical ones. Let’s have a look at some of these electrical hazards.

Damaged Power Tools and Equipment

Using defective electrical equipment, such as power tools, may be risky for construction. The use of damaged tools and equipment should wait until they have been repaired and certified by a professional.

Loose, Frayed, or Exposed Electrical Cables

The live wire may become exposed and cause electrical fires or electric shocks if the cable gets frayed or damaged. Cables that have been damaged should be reported and repaired by a professional. Do not use the tape as a temporary remedy. 

Using Electrical Equipment With Wet Hands or Near Water

Make sure to look for Commercial Electrical Services in Los Angeles CA to avoid these workplace hazards. Water may considerably increase the risk of electrocution. Hence it is not advisable to use electrical equipment next to a body of water or to operate it with wet hands. An experienced electrician should evaluate the equipment if it does become wet before it is used again.

Overhead Power Lines

Overhead electrical cables’ high voltage may cause severe burns and electrocution. Keep personnel at least 10 feet away from overhead electrical wires and any surrounding equipment if they are working close to them. Use safety barriers and signage to alert people to the danger, and never store products or equipment below overhead power lines.

Using Replacement Fuses Incorrectly 

Use the proper fuse for the appliance when installing or changing a fuse to prevent overheating. See the appliance’s handbook or label for information on the needed wattage and fuse type.

Overloaded Sockets

Many workplaces have a lot of computers and other devices that must be plugged in, and they often need several extension leads and adapters to do so, creating a maze of wires and connectors. An individual power outlet should ideally power only one thing, such as a computer display or printer.

Use a fused, multi-way bar extension lead with surge protection instead of depending on a standard block adapter when plugging in extra equipment if you need to power several appliances from a single outlet.

Moreover, avoid overloading the extension lead by connecting several appliances that use more electricity than what is allowed for the extension lead. Never connect an extension cord to another cord.

Smell and Smoke From Equipment

Keep a watch out for these warning indicators, which include the smell of hot plastic, sparks, or smoke emanating from plugs, appliances, or sockets. Hiring professionals for Electrical Installation Services in Los Angeles CA can save you from the dangers of electricity. Therefore, call a professional for assistance if you notice any electrical issues. 

Improper Grounding

All electrical appliances and gadgets need to be grounded or earthed. You run the danger of electrocution if you don’t. Ensure that electrical equipment gets routine inspection and a professional approves it. 

Who are the Most at Risk of Electrical Hazards

One of the occupations most at risk from electrical dangers is overhead line workers, along with engineers, electricians, and engineers. Electrical equipment installation, repairs, inspections, and maintenance often result from accidents.

Because machinery or equipment may come into touch with overhead electricity wires on fields, agricultural laborers are also in significant danger.

In the five years leading up to 2018, there were 1,140 near-miss events with machinery and equipment striking overhead electric power wires where severe injury or death was a possibility. On average, one farm worker per year passes away in this manner.

However, there are certain electrical dangers in most jobs. Most businesses have a lot of electrical equipment, which puts employees at risk for fire, burns, and shocks.

You can contact Phase Electric if you are looking for professionals for your business. We have certified and trained professionals who will take of everything and will ensure safety at your workplace.