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apply for visitor visa Canada

Canada is known for its immigrant-friendly laws. What it is also known for is its beautiful landscape, natural wonders, and immensely rich culture. It attracts millions of tourists who come here either for leisure or business trips or for a job hunt. In 2019, Canada recorded around 32 million tourists.

If you are planning to visit Canada for tourism purposes or visiting a family member with a PR Canada from India or for a business, you need to apply for visitor visa Canada, which is a kind of temporary resident visa.

Reasons to visit Canada as a tourist

Canada is a paradise for nature lovers and city dwellers alike. The modern and multicultural cities have a lot of history and offer the best of the city life. Beautiful natural spots like the world-famous Niagara falls are the major tourist attractions. 

You can also enjoy outdoor adventure sports like rafting or go to a camping place and enjoy the serenity of nature up and close. 

You can also utilize the time in Canada to look for jobs or study opportunities. If you get a job, you can try to look for ways to get PR Canada from India.

Minimum bank balance required for Canadian tourist Visa

For a successful visitor visa Canada process, you first need to ensure you have a minimum bank balance. It includes the processing fees and the minimum balance you need to apply for a visitor visa in Canada. 

The processing fee is around 185 CAD, which is approximately 10,000 INR. This fee includes 100 CAD as an application fee and the remaining 85 CAD for biometrics. 

If you are traveling alone, you will need at least 2000 CAD in your account to cover your basic expenses and living for 30 days in Canada as a tourist.

Requirements to get a Canada Tourist visa

To be eligible for a Canada tourist visa or the Canada visitor visa, you must have a minimum bank balance. Additionally, you would need documents like

  1. Valid Passport- You have to submit the original and two photocopies of your passport with your visitor visa application. 
  2. Photographs- You will need at least two latest passport-size photographs.
  3. Proof of funds- It could be your bank statement or last drawn salary slip from your employer or a financial property like PPFs etc. Any government-recognized documents that prove you have a minimum bank balance as stated by the Canadian government for a visitor visa are sufficient. 
  4. Letter of declaration- You will need to submit a cover letter declaring that you will go back to your 
  5. Invitation letter – If you know someone who is a Canadian citizen or a PR, you can get a letter of invitation and come to Canada as their guest. 
  6. Fully-filled application form- You need to submit a couple of application forms. Ensure every detail is correct and there is no room for errors. 


Traveling to Canada as a tourist involves visitor visa processes that require professional assistance. To ensure you get there on time and start making life-long memories, contact an expert team like Croyez Immigration consultants. 

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