How Can You Get Furnished Apartments in Tokyo?


How Can You Get Furnished Apartments in Tokyo?

If you’re coming to Tokyo, you most likely want a place to stay. And while hotels are good enough for a few days, renting a Furnished Apartment in Tok

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If you’re coming to Tokyo, you most likely want a place to stay. And while hotels are good enough for a few days, renting a Furnished Apartment in Tokyo is excellent for those seeking long-term visits. Tokyo is a prominent place, so it’s always a brilliant idea to start your search by considering the area where you want to live. The cheapest and most convenient location is Ikebukuro, but if you’re after something more traditional and close, Hamamatsucho would be your best bet.

But there are also other factors to consider before signing a contract for an apartment.

What To Consider About Furnished Apartments in Tokyo?

  • Location

The location is the number one factor you need to consider. While Ikebukuro is an excellent place to find Furnished Apartments in Tokyo, you’ll need to use the shortest route from your door to the city center – not just for work but also for shopping and entertainment. If you chose Ikebukuro as your ideal location, looking for Furnished Apartments near the JR loop or the subway station would be wise.

  • Price

While Ikebukuro is not that expensive, other parts of the city are more affordable when looking for Furnished Apartments in Tokyo. The cheapest option is Hamamatsucho. You may need to fork out a few extra thousand yen since the area is not as developed as Ikebukuro, but it’s still pretty close to the town center.

  •  Units

One of the unique features of furnished apartments in Tokyo is that you can choose from many available units. Because properties in Japan are private, there’s much more room for privacy compared to apartments outside Japan. The only downside is that you have fewer options for your chosen unit. Still, it’s worth checking what’s available.

  • Security

Japan is a very safe place to live, but you must take some precautions. One or two locks secure Serviced apartments in Tokyo, sometimes upgraded once a month for additional security. Still, you can always add other locks for your peace of mind.

  •  Amenities

Serviced apartments in Tokyo, as well as Japan in general, have many things you don’t expect to find in other countries. Aside from the fact that most properties come with two or more parking lots and an open space where you can store your bike, there’s a lot more that you might like. The best example is the sauna. If you’re into that, you can now enjoy this feature for free. Some properties will also have a coin laundry machine for your convenience.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is a vital part of Japanese life, and most people would rather pay an additional fee when they see that their Serviced apartments in Tokyo are well-maintained and in good condition. The unit comes with weekly cleaning and daily services during the week, once or twice, depending on the apartment.

While there are more factors that you can consider before signing a contract, those tips will get you started. Before you decide on the perfect apartment, talk to other tenants and property owners. That is the best way to determine whether it’s worth moving in. 


Serviced apartments in Tokyo are an excellent choice if you live in Tokyo and need to spend your evening at home. For the last couple of years, the demand for furnished apartments has been so high that landlords need help finding adequate tenants. The reason for this is straightforward. Serviced apartments are strictly for temporary visitors who are staying in Japan for short-term business trips, visiting relatives, or even as a tourist.

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