How can I Import Thunderbird-sent files into Outlook?


How can I Import Thunderbird-sent files into Outlook?

Are you attempting to import mailed files from Thunderbird to Outlook without losing any data? So, dear Thunderbird users, read on to learn how to sec

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Are you attempting to import mailed files from Thunderbird to Outlook without losing any data? So, dear Thunderbird users, read on to learn how to securely move emails from the Thunderbird sent folder to MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and previous versions. Let’s begin with the procedure.

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The answer offered in the following parts is flexible. It is excellent at more than just importing sent files into Outlook from Thunderbird. but is also applicable to all of the stated queries.


How to Easily Import Thunderbird Sent Folder to Outlook PST?

Before moving on with the solution, it is crucial to understand the data files of both email clients in question. Mozilla Thunderbird saves its mailboxes in MBOX format, on the one hand. These files are saved with the same name as they appear in the Thunderbird interface and do not have an extension. For instance, the Sent folder will be stored as a plain MBOX file named Sent. Keep in mind that Thunderbird will also create an SBD file (Sent.sbd) containing all the data from any subfolders users have created inside Sent if they have.

Outlook, on the other hand, only supports the PST file type and cannot read MBOX files. As a result, a conversion method that can transfer all data from Sent files to PST is needed. And those who have undergone any kind of email migration are aware of how challenging it is.

Moving email is complicated? No longer!

It is true that viewing Thunderbird-delivered emails in Outlook is challenging due to differences in the data files, compatibility problems, and other concerns. But there are special programs that guide users through the process of importing sent files from Thunderbird to Outlook while resolving all compatibility problems.

MBOX to Outlook Converter is a potent way to accomplish the same thing. It is a versatile tool that produces good results and excels in moving mailbox emails, whether they are in the Inbox, Drafts, Sent Archives, or local folders. Users can easily export this file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and other versions when all the messages and attachments from the mailbox folder have been converted to PST.

This clever program allows for direct retrieval of Thunderbird Sent files and other mailbox objects. As a result, conversion is quicker and more precise without impairing email folder organization or data integrity. Additionally, users can effortlessly convert any orphan MBOX files.

The tool also keeps all attachments and inline images with the messages in addition to maintaining the structure and integrity of Thunderbird emails. Simply read the tool’s user manual for a seamless conversion experience that is packed with features.

Step-by-step instructions for importing sent files from Thunderbird to Outlook

The WholeClear Thunderbird to PST Converter software’s free trial version allows users to familiarize themselves with the procedure. The restriction is that only a few emails can be exported per folder. This is sufficient to understand the long-term value of this solution, though. Once the utility has been installed on your computer, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

  • To import sent files from Thunderbird to Outlook, use the Add file option on the first screen.

Select thunderbird

  • Now, when choosing Thunderbird from the list, choose the Default Profile Configured option for automatic conversion.
  • By choosing the MBOX file option from the list, users can also look for MBOX files.


  • Choose any email account from which you want to export the Sent files next. Additionally, users can select every identity at once for scanning.
  • The interface will show all mailbox folders, including Sent files, as well as the emails and attachments included within them. Press the export button

Select PST

  • Select the Sent folder to convert only the Sent emails in the new window, and then select PST from the export selection.

Convert Thunderbird to PST

  • Finally, press the Export button after choosing your chosen location to save the converted files.

Once the process is finished, users can access the PST files by going to the specified location. Users can utilize the free native Import/Export function in MS Outlook to import this file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and older versions.

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This article explains to those who are in need of a solution on how to import sent files from Thunderbird to Outlook. Here, a powerful and effective solution is discussed. With the correct attachments, inline graphics, formatting, and other email components, the application guarantees loss-free conversion. This clever and versatile method works for both sending and receiving Sent items as well as full Thunderbird data conversion.