Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

We’ve gotten increasingly reliant on technology for corporate operations during the last 20 years. Technology improves connectivity, streamlines and streamlines operations, and simplifies everyone’s job. Our reliance on technology, however, reached a new high in March 2022, when the COVID-19 epidemic caused many organizations to switch to a remote workforce overnight. Click here to find Human Resource Consulting Firm.

The consequence of this seemingly insignificant move has had a long-term impact on how we do business. Regardless of your organization’s future condition, technology will play a crucial part in the delivery of HR services. Here are a few crucial areas where HR should consider implementing a technology solution:

Personnel Files in Electronic Form

Many firms keep confidential personnel files on paper, which HR specialists cannot access remotely. Digitizing personnel files enables you to locate and preserve confidential information electronically while following federal and state record retention obligations. Transitioning from paper to digital employee files may appear to be a difficult undertaking; however, a company can opt to scan and index employee files internally or hire a respected service provider to digitize and index all current and past employee files.

After you’ve converted employee files to digital format, you’ll need to choose a safe storage option. You have the option of storing files internally, using a file storage platform, or integrating with the organization’s payroll and HRIS systems, provided these systems have this functionality. It is vital to ensure that the storage system you select has adequate security protections in place, as well as a safe backup mechanism.

Hiring and Recruiting

Applicant Tracking Software

The days of paper job applications are long gone. Transitioning to an applicant tracking system (ATS) with electronic employment applications simplifies the application process for candidates. A strong applicant tracking system (ATS) allows for the quick and easy dissemination of candidate information to hiring managers and important stakeholders, regardless of where they work. HR insider tip: Include guidelines on electronic job postings and in application systems that explain how to request a reasonable accommodation when applying for a job.

Interviews on video

In-person interviews are difficult to conduct during the present pandemic, especially with social distancing requirements in place and a major portion of the workforce working remotely. Many organizations have switched to video interviews in the present climate. This technology, in addition to offering a vehicle for conducting remote interviews, provides HR professionals and hiring managers with a sense of the candidate’s comfort level with utilizing technology – a critical ability in today’s workforce.

Paperwork for Electronic Onboarding

On their first day of work, new employees must complete a large amount of paperwork. A paperless onboarding process is not only beneficial for a remote workforce, but it also adds simplicity and efficiency to any firm. Electronic signatures (e-signatures) are now accepted on all forms of documentation, including Forms I-9 and W-2. Electronic onboarding paperwork is available in some payroll, HRIS, and applicant tracking systems. Organizations can also employ a secure e-signature platform, such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign. People create and manage electronic onboarding for all of our HR outsourcing clients!

Administration of Benefits

Manually processing benefit enrollment forms, establishing premium deductions, and changing elections with numerous carriers is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to human mistake.

Benefits administration has seen significant technological advancements. Online, paperless benefit enrollments are made possible by automated solutions, which automatically feed payroll systems and benefit carriers. If you aren’t already using this technology, it may be available through your current payroll/HRIS systems or benefits brokers. People’s benefit outsourcing clients acquire this functionality through our proprietary HRIS system! Read more about HR companies in Abu Dhabi.

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