Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

A Desert safari can be one of the best options to go for if you are seeking out some adventure in the sandy landscape of Abu Dhabi. Desert safari in Abu Dhabi can be a thrilling and exciting way to spend a few hours in the sand dunes, exploring and admiring the natural beauty that can be found in a beautiful golden sea of sand.

A safari can be a magnificent experience, but to maximize your enjoyment and fun, the right preparations are a necessity. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Know the weather

Making sure you have information about the overall weather situation in the region is key. You should try to make plans on a day with good weather conditions and maybe try afternoon plans when the weather is lowering in temperature. There are many kinds of safari plans, some taking place at night while others in the morning. Opting for an afternoon option for your safari plan can be a great option and can allow you to spend a number of hours enjoying the desert.

  • Dressing

It is important to wear comfortable clothing. Shorts, shirts, and light-colored clothes are a comfortable way to experience the desert and prepare for the heat. If your safari might go into the night, it is advisable to bring some shawls and cardigans to avoid the cold night weather. The clothing you wear should be breathable and should be able to manage the heat and cold weather. The cold can be a real issue, as desert regions can get very cold at certain points in time.

  • Food

Having a decent and light lunch can be key. Desert safaris tend to go up and down quite a bit during their course, and it is important to make sure you can handle these updates and downs without much of a stomach issue. A heavy lunch can make this part of the journey very difficult and not very enjoyable.

  • Footwear

Sandals, open shoes, and flip-flops are objectively great options to go for on a desert safari. Sand will easily get into the shoes no matter how well-fitting they may be, but these open and airy footwear can make the sand easier to handle.

If you are going for a night safari, then light boots are decent options to keep warm.

  • Headgear and cream

Having some hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are key to enjoying your safari trip. In the region, the sun has a constant presence and can be a problem regardless of the season you go in. The sun can easily damage the skin and be of high intensity. It is important to carry these small things and use them very liberally to make sure you are protected, and the sun doesn’t have too bad of an effect on your body.

  • Cash

Having some cash on hand is key for any such safari trip. These can stop at a few locations for refreshments and souvenirs. It can be a great way to experience and enjoy the trip. You can also buy some necessities for the region.

  • Camera

No safari is complete without a fun photoshoot. The beauty of the deserts is immense and cannot fully be captured by cameras. It is something to be experienced and enjoyed to the best of your abilities. It is important to experience it as much as you can, but photos can become reminders of our experiences. Making sure you can record the events that took place during the safari can be a very great way to remember your trip to Abu Dhabi and to recognize exactly how the events took place.

  • Avoid bringing valuables

The Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi can be an intense experience overall, with a great deal of traveling and a lot of ups and downs. The safari can allow you to spend a significant amount of time traveling in the sands themselves, and you can get to cover a very large distance in the process. Depending on the plan you go for, spending time in the sand can be a great way to spend a few hours.

However, it is important to remember that if something gets dropped or lost on the safari, recovery is next to impossible. It is advisable not to bring any valuables whatsoever on the trip. Avoid things such as expensive jewelry and other small elements which have the potential to get lost.

Of course, if your plan is a simple dinner on the safari, the chances of losing something are low. However, if you intend on engaging in some sand dune bashing and sand boarding during your safari experience, then it is a good idea not to bring these smaller elements.

The Bottom Line

Your Abu Dhabi experience cannot be truly complete if you do not spend some hours enjoying the beautiful deserts and the amazing sands that are a part of the country.