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Mental health is one of the critical issues addressed nowadays. 

So how can the best app developers in Toronto help conquer this with mental health apps?

The only way is by developing apps that would help patients cure and restore their mental health.

  • A study by WHO says that the covid pandemic has increased anxiety and depression levels by 25%.
  • WHO has arranged a program from 2019 to 2023 to reach more than 100 million people regarding mental health coverage.

Being said that, every country has several cases every year. But, unfortunately, the count is growing. Technology can help in releasing this count. Further, various apps can help in getting quick help to patients. 

Here is a quick guide that explains what to consider while building mental health apps effectively.

What to Think About While Creating Mental Health Apps?

Creating an app for mental health services can be challenging. By employing advanced technological features, it needs to have a human touch. So, there are various instructions or things you can keep in mind.

Keep the App Engaging.

When the app is in construction, think about both professionals and patients. To include various programs for patients, set up an attractive and engaging UI. 

Usually, such apps can create motivation. However, it is not enough for healing. The better and more interactive the design, the more patients will connect with the app.

Automation Is the Key.

Mental health apps are built to ease the communication between professionals and patients. However, it demands taking care of tasks that can be automated. Therefore, automation will help professionals by reducing the workload.

Follow the Security Rules and Guidelines.

For patients, it can be very sensitive to share some information. Therefore, you strictly need to protect the information. Also, keep in mind to follow the necessary guidelines and rules set by the government.

Connect With Artificial Intelligence.

Employ artificial intelligence in your app. It can boost many features of your application. Additionally, it helps with maintaining health records. Further, it can track some otherwise tricky parameters to main physically.

Design It With the Best Features.

Every app will have unique features. However, consider the features that will enhance interaction and improve results. In addition, maintain the user profile so that it will be easier for institutions or professionals to keep track of patients’ health.

Include Calendar.

Professionals can assign multiple activities to users. With calendars, users can keep track of these activities. In addition, you can include checklists for more exciting possibilities.

Other Activity Trackers and Notifications Are Essential.

You can include an extensive array of features in such an app. For example, you can introduce a tracker to track sleeping hours, as sleep is one of the most healing factors. Further, introduce notifications or reminders in the app to boost motivation.

You Can Make Use of Chatbots.

Mental health treatment is a sensitive area. In addition, it requires high comprehension and analysis skills. This feature will enable hassle-free communication between patients and experts. It gives patients a sense of attention and connection.

Include Communication Features.

It should be pretty easy to connect with an expert while creating any health app. Be it taking appointments, audio or video calls, or sharing documents- you can add it all. Make sure to think about end-users while including these features.

Use Appropriate Monetization Methods.

Make sure to use proper monetization methods. A hassle-free payment mode can create a less stressful experience for users. The Android App development market is growing at a tremendous pace and the competition is getting more difficult. However, here is the list of the top application development trends Android app developers must know in 2021.


You can create an attractive dashboard that comprises necessary functions. Further, nowadays, people use more than a single gadget; therefore, try to develop an application suitable for multiple platforms.


  • According to Single Care, mental health problems have affected 13% of the population across the globe.

Like physical health, mental health is vital for every individual. The combination of expert services and technology can create a better experience while treating patients with mental health concerns. 

Applications have become a very essential part of every business with many companies relying on their applications on a daily basis.

It is a need of an hour to develop better mental health services globally. A great app can help numerous people at the same time. The Custom app development services can indeed develop feature-rich apps to help cure patients.

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