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Flush Door

A house or home can have all four walls, the roof and the floor, but it will be incomplete without doors. Doors are what divide the different rooms and spaces of a house. The main door is where you enter and leave the house. Sounds like a simple term, but the door actually plays a very important role in your house. Doors are like the head of a house. It is the first thing we see in a house. The entrance to a house is a door. It pretty much works like the first impression for your house. You may design your interiors and walls in the best way you can, but if your door doesn’t go along with the theme of your interior, it would pretty much just be a disaster in home designing. Choosing the right door that goes along well with the rest of the interiors of the house is important. The things to consider while choosing a door for your house are the style, type and the material of the door. Below are some of the types and materials of doors available for you to choose from.

Types of styles of door

  1. Wood door: This is the most common type of door available for you in the market. As the name suggests, it is a door made out of wood. It is easy to make due to its availability. This type of door can be used both as an interior and exterior door. However, it is most commonly used in the main door.
  2. Panelled doors: This is another common type of door. In this type of door, the frame is made out of wood, and the shutter panels are made of hardboard, plywood, glass, etc. People prefer different styles of panelled doors, but wood is most commonly used for the shutter panel along with the frame.
  3. Hinged doors: This type of door is found in almost every house. They are direct passage doors in which hinges are installed on one end of the door, making it swing to and from the room.
  4. Glass doors: This type of door is usually used where people can sit and enjoy a nice view of the outside world. These types of doors are made of panels of glass and wooden frames.
  5. Sliding doors: Sliding doors pretty much are doors that slide and are not open to and from the room. It consists of two sides or panels, and they just slide over in their own space and do not enter into the space of the room.
  6. Flush doors: Flush doors are high in durability and attractive appearance. This type of door gives an aesthetic look to your house. They are wooden doors, but with layers attached, which makes them strong. They come in various designs that make their appearance look attractive.
  7. French doors: They are double doors that are set on hinges and move to and from the room. They give your home a grand look and give a great view of what is outside the door, and let in natural lights.
  8. Dutch doors: Dutch doors are twin doors that are separated horizontally. These doors are commonly used in the kitchen or other areas where you want to let light in but not display the complete space. The upper door can be kept open and the lower door shut.

Materials used for doors

  • Wood: This material is used in every type and style of door. Even if the door is made of a different material, wood will definitely be used as a door frame or for something or the other.
  • Fibreglass: This material is also gaining popularity in the market due to its durability and strength. Not only that, but they are also waterproof and soundproof. They can also be painted or designed in any way in any colour.
  • Aluminium: This is strong, affordable, lightweight and also durable. They are in demand because of these aspects. They can be used for external doors, shutters for garages or shops and garden sheds.
  • Steel: Just like aluminium, steel is also a material that is lightweight, affordable and easy to use. They can be designed, painted or given finishes of any sort. They are very strong and tough and so are used mostly for security reasons.
  • Glass: Although this material lacks privacy and concealment, glass is used as balcony doors or as a barrier between two rooms. They provide a perspective of what is on the other side of the door and are typically used in settings where people can sit and enjoy the scenery.
  • Blockboard: Blockboard sheets are made of layers of wood that are stuck together with strong adhesive pressure and are usually used in flush doors. They are made of timber, and their finish is done by plywood, giving them a smooth look.

The above points or information let you know about the many styles and materials of doors that are available for you. Now that you know, choose what suits best your taste and the look of your house.

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