Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Most businesses are becoming quite concerned with their security measures. That has led to a resurgence in the current dedicated server market. Sectors are in need of highly secured regulations, like the government or the finance departments. So, they are selecting dedicated server solutions for hosting their applications, databases, backups, and websites. 

If you are making plans to move towards a dedicated server solution, it is vital to consider the ones that follow fast, good, and useful analogies. There might be some trade-off because it is hard to get a server covering all these three features as a whole. As you are getting a dedicated server for your business, you have to decide on the set priorities first.

Once you have selected the characteristics you want in a dedicated server, you have to check out some points before you get to configure the server. Even before you get the best cheap dedicated servers, make sure to create a checklist of all that you need in those servers. That makes purchases a whole lot easier.

Focus on the management route first:

Selecting a reputed hosting partner is vital to cover all our dedicated server needs. Not every business has the expertise, resource, or even the knowledge to manage complex servers on its own. Going for the unmanaged and DIY model is not the right decision to take.

  • A proficiently managed dedicated server will offer all kinds of inclusive services such as maintenance, server setup, installation, upgrades, proper software installation, and even monitoring, under one umbrella.
  • Look for the fully managed dedicated server solution that offers you peace of mind with 24 x 7 friendly services. They take complete care of our platform, even covering the application layer.
  • So, if you ever face any problem, it will get resolved by a dedicated technical support engineer. He is all set to help you with your services immediately.
  • The team of professionals will offer you advice in areas such as clustering and load balancing. Such services are hard to get with an unmanaged model.
  • Most businesses will consider managed service to be an investment to improve their IT infrastructure. It helps in saving the need to hire in-house IT experts to maintain the servers on their own.

The next stop is the network quality:

Another essential part of selecting the best server is selecting its physical location of it. The area where the server is located will have a major impact on factors like security, compliance, and reliability and performance ratio. So, be sure to keep this point marked at the top of your checklist.

  • Whenever you are deciding on the servers’ location, it is vital to acknowledge the area of the end-user. For example, if most of your customers are America based, it won’t make sense to host the server in the UK!
  • Always look for providers having multiple global data center locations across multiple continents. It helps them to get you a local data center for your business, which makes you stay closer to the equipment.
  • You might not be able to physically spend time at the premises on your own, but the quality of chosen center is a major asset to business operations.

The storage and performance value:

It is true that dedicated servers are reliable and fast hosting solutions to cover higher traffic and resource-centric apps or websites. So, you better consider your performance requirements first.

  • You must know the number of users you are expecting and the number of servers you need potentially.
  • Hardware resources like the amount of RAM, CPU, and the proper set-up of the hard drives will actually influence the current configuration decisions.
  • The database servers will read and then write data to the hard drives, which will increase the speed at where data can be written and then retrieved and will have a major impact on performance level.
  • Some companies offer 3PAR storage arrays to offer the fastest I/O possible without using the premium price tag. It will use a proper combination of Fast Class, Nearline SAS drive, and SSD to help provide businesses with a non-compromising performance level.
  • While deciding on your performance needs, you need to focus on the technology with which you are planning to work. 
  • Some apps and operating systems are in need of enough power, which you need while focusing on the hardware choices. So, feel free to cover these points while looking for a dedicated server for your use.

Don’t forget the reputation of the company:

Always make sure to check out the reputation of the firm before you proceed further with the dedicated servers from the said source. Check out the number of years they have dedicated to this service and what their previous clients have to say about their services. That helps you to make the right decision.

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