Five Writing Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Assignment


Five Writing Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Assignment

Writing is a subject, and each person defines what makes credible writing. Nevertheless, there are several elements that the reader will consider unpr

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Writing is a subject, and each person defines what makes credible writing. Nevertheless, there are several elements that the reader will consider unprofessional in your writing. If you don’t get the expected grade, notes and corrections will be in the margins, or you will simply get a sub-par grade. This hurts and erodes your self-esteem, and it is challenging when it happens at the beginning of the school year.

However, you don’t have to feel this way. As an academic writing expert in Assignment Writing Service UK, I have seen students make the five most common mistakes in their assignments every time. In this article, we will highlight the Five Writing Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Assignment.

Five Writing Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Assignment

1.     Including Extraneous Details

Writing detailed descriptions about the topic is good, but you must be careful not to put too much in. You may know more about the subject directly related to the topic you are writing about, but if you add all these points, you will eventually lose your marks. An excellent way to see if you have added unnecessary detail is to look after your paper first and then read everything else. Your conclusion is what you have been working towards while writing – if something does not affect the conclusion in any way, you can probably afford to remove it.

2.     Use of the Wrong Tone

Your tone should match the content of your text. If you were writing a blog post for a website with a quiz about a funny character and writing it like a formal assignment, it would look strange. If you’re writing an example of research, it will look odd if your language is too casual or full of slang or jargon. You need to ensure that your topic and writing style do not contradict each other. You can have your writing style, but you must make sure that you adapt it to the content.

3.     Too Many Convoluted and Long-Winded Sentences

This mistake occurs when your sentences are lengthy and contain so many words and phrases that it is difficult to understand what you are trying to say. When someone reads your assignment, your sentences should be varied. Complex and compound sentences balance with simple sentences. It is easier for the teacher to understand your arguments if you use a variety of sentences. This happens most often because someone is trying to appear “intellectual” by using too many unnecessary words and phrases that could be said in less time.

4.     Use of Technical Terms

You should only use technical terms illuminating your topic, not those that make the text incomprehensible to most people. When Stephen Hawking wrote A History of Time, his editor told him that he would lose 50% of his readership for every scientific equation he used. Although the editor was exaggerating, Hawking listened to him anyway, and the result is one of the short books to read about one of the hardest concepts to understand anywhere.

5.     Writing Without a Plan

The assignment is a failure if you start writing without planning. Students often start working on their assignments without understanding the requirements. The easiest way to ensure your work goes well is to start with a plan. What conclusion do you want to reach? What sections will your work cover? How much space will you devote to each section? If you write with a plan, you can easily ensure that you do not write too much or too little and that your text flows nicely towards the end.

End Note

These writing errors can be corrected or avoided very easily. The writing process, which includes pre-writing, writing a draft, revising, editing and submitting a final draft, can help you produce an assignment you are proud of and will be happy to present to your teacher. Get support and guidance on your work if you think you cannot identify or correct any of the problems yourself. You can also get support from your teacher or hire someone to Write My Assignments.