Happy birthday 18 is considered to be one of the most important birthday milestones. It is the day that most kids mark as adulthood from childhood and

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Happy birthday 18 is considered to be one of the most important birthday milestones. It is the day that most kids mark as adulthood from childhood and with all the privileges that come with it. Most teenagers wait for this day to celebrate their 18th birthday with loads of happiness, fun and enjoyment and it brings a great opportunity to choose each and everything on their own. When it comes to the celebration of your 18th birthday, there is no place like HOME! But there are also many different ways to celebrate.

As you scroll down, you will find out why happy birthday 18 is so special for everyone and how you can wish your loved ones with the best words and messages to make their day more special and what are the best ways to celebrate this special day.

Why is happy birthday 18 so special?

People usually wonder why 18th birthday is so special? Actually the thing is, there are several milestone birthdays that come in one’s life like 1st, 18th, 25th, 50th and 75th.

Now, the reasons why celebrating 18th is so famous and special is that:

  1. On this day, people officially become a legal adult in many countries. So you get privileges like voting, driving, clubbing and drinking alcohol.
  1. Also, as this is the first year of adulthood so it is celebrated as the most valuable birthday among all others as it shows that now you’re an adult, a mature person, who is free of guardianship of their parents and other adults.

Examples of Best Quotes and Messages on happy birthday 18

As 18th is such a precious birthday milestone, wishes also must be very special and unique. So to help you find the best quotes and words to dedicate to your special ones, we have written the best collection of 18th birthday wishes and messages.

  1. My Dear, happy 18th birthday!. You’re finally an adult now. So now you have complete freedom to do everything legally that you’ve been doing illegally since your childhood.
  1. Many congratulations to you as you have turned 18. I wish your future to be full of smiles and illuminations. Happy birthday 18 to the sweetest person ever.
  1. On this special day of becoming an adult, I hope God blesses you with everything best. Happy 18th birthday my best.
  1. Age is just a number as the real maturity comes from life experiences. Congrats to you on turning 18. I wish you more happiness, more success and a very bright future ahead.
  1. Being an adult definitely suits you so i wish you a very happy 18th birthday. Either kid, teenage or adult, you will be the same amazing person to me.
  1. You are truly an amazing, kind and fun person and as you turn 18 today, don’t ever let anything change that about you. I wish your future to be as bright as you.
  1. May you get an abundance of happiness on this special 18th birthday of yours and enjoy your day to the fullest and have the best celebration ever.
  1. I feel so happy to see you turn 18, finally! It’s actually a blessing for me to have a great person like you in my life. The bestest happy 18th birthday to you.
  1. Have an awesome 18th birthday today. As of today you’ve finally become a full-fledged adult, but don’t ever let this thing go into your head, as your parents will still make your bed, LOL!
  1. I would like to give you one piece of advice on your 18th birthday: don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes, to fall in love or to ask anyone for help. Alos, never forget to save money and avoid spending extra. Have an outstanding 18th birthday.

How to celebrate a happy birthday 18 in the best ways?

You must be wondering how many different ways or traditions there are around the world to celebrate an 18th birthday. Well, of course different cultures in different countries celebrate birthdays in their way, but things are definitely not so drastically different. Like, cutting a cake is the most common thing that is done in almost every birthday celebration. But there are some different ways too to celebrate this special day like:

  1. Go for dinner and movie with your family and friends- if you in general like to chill at home, then this idea is great for you and also if you are just wanting to kick back with your friends and family, then going for a movie and dinner is best. Have some quality time with them and have the best 18th birthday ever.
  1. Go on a trip- going on a trip will have you an abundance of memories for the lifetime. You can go somewhere tropical or just on a road trip. You will have the best time ever while chilling with your friends and family.
  1. Organise a birthday party- Well, if you are a party person and love partying with your buddies, then throwing a party is one of the most perfect ways to celebrate your birthday. You can have dance, food and a lot of fun at a party.
  1. Plan of going to an amusement/water park- When it comes to a group of friends, visiting an amusement park is always a YES for everyone. So you can plan that on your birthday. You will get to spend a fun time with your friends which will always remain unforgettable for you.
  1. Go to a concert- This could actually be super fun!! Tailgating before a concert is one of the perfect ways to celebrate your 18th birthday. You can search for any popular artists’ concerts and what’s then? Just go and enjoy it with your friends and have the best time ever.

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As you must have realised how important and special our happy birthday 18 is, it’s time for you to make your loved ones feel special about this day by sending them a nice message and for that you can feet feel free to choose one among the one’s written above and send it to your loved ones or share it on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. also don’t forget to try these exciting ideas and ways of celebrating this special day. We wish for you to have a BLAST!