Fantasy Sports And Real-money Gaming Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In India


Fantasy Sports And Real-money Gaming Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In India

From the ban on PUBG Mobile to the launch of VALORANT, Indian esports has seen tremendous changes in the last year. The region's expansion of betting

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From the ban on PUBG Mobile to the launch of VALORANT, Indian esports has seen tremendous changes in the last year. The region’s expansion of betting and fantasy platforms, on the other hand, has largely gone undetected.

While the line between esports, Cricket Id, and fantasy sports can be blurred, firms such as the Mobile Premier League (MPL), World777, Dream11, and WinZO have made significant investments in fantasy sports and real-money gaming. In some cases, these platforms have experimented in what the industry refers to as “mainstream esports.”

MPL received $90 million (£65 million) in Series C funding in 2020, while World777 received $18 million (£13 million) in Series B funding. Paytm First Games is also backed by Paytm, a $10 billion (£7.3 billion) Indian e-commerce payment network. The vast majority of games on these platforms are casual or hyper-casual in nature.

The purpose of GoodGamer is the emergence of fantasy sports

The platform hopes to stimulate competitive gaming through multiplayer games. Casual and hyper-casual titles are already accessible in India on platforms like MPL. GoodGamer will integrate both casual and core games. “In games like VALORANT and Free Fire, we can measure real-time scores and other criteria,” Barbosa explained. In 2021, GoodGamer’s products are expected to include key esports titles and contests.

Furthermore, the platform plans to collaborate with sponsors and event organizers to host competitive events. It has partnered with Chennai-based tournament organizer Sky Sports to reach local esports fans in India.

The consequences of the PUBG Mobile ban

The possibility of government involvement is a legitimate risk for betting and real-money gaming services.

According to statistics, little over half of India’s population has access to mobile phones and the internet. He believes that as technology gets more inexpensive, a far larger audience will come online in the future years.

In a developing market like India, the word “esports” can refer to a variety of activities and is frequently used as a catch-all. Gaming platforms with significant financial support are key players in an industry where real-money gaming is on the rise. Many of them have substantial marketing budgets and have been scolded for implementing aggressive conversion methods. Because they operate in a field very close to online gambling, legislation and policy changes are on the horizon as a result of the massive number of users the platforms may handle.

Fantasy Sports is transforming the gambling sector in India

The gaming sector in India is going to face a revolution. The Indian gaming landscape has given developers a plethora of alternatives for creating games for Indian consumers. IPL sponsorships have shifted throughout the years, from DLF, a real estate company, in 2008 to Vivo, a mobile phone manufacturer, from 2016 to 2019. Vivo’s recent pullout and the launch of Dream11, a fantasy sports platform, highlight the paradigm shift.

Fantasy sports market –

The Mahadev Id sports website’s user base has expanded from 20 lakh in June 2016 to an astonishing 90 million in December 2019. It is expected to exceed 100 million by the end of 2020. The gross income of online fantasy sports companies surged by Rs 1,480 crore. This represents an astounding 161 percent growth in a single fiscal year. The industry will set a benchmark of $3.7 billion by the end of 2024, according to forecasts. This market is now growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32%.

India’s gaming business —

India has one-tenth of the world’s gaming population and the second-largest smartphone user base! Consumer demand for mobile content increased dramatically once the cost of data was reduced to one-quarter of its prior level. Annual income from mobile gaming is predicted to approach $1 billion by 2021, making India’s mobile game industry the fastest-growing in terms of revenue.

In India, there are over 222 million gamers. They spend an average of 42 minutes every day playing mobile games! The number of game creation businesses in India has increased. They’ve grown 11 times in the last decade and are predicted to reach 275 by 2020.