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Facts Should be known before removing Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam filling or silver filling is one of the reliable processes to restore the broken or decayed teeth over years. Amalgam filling use mercury

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Facts Should be known before removing Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam filling or silver filling is one of the reliable processes to restore the broken or decayed teeth over years. Amalgam filling use mercury which can be toxic. So, if your fillings are not broken or worn or chipped and it is in good condition then it is better to get re-filling. If your silver filling is deteriorating or if they are getting old then it is better to remove your amalgam filling or you may also replace them with composite resin of white colour. You can search for amalgam removal in London, as every patient is different and their cases are also different. Below are few points mentioned that should be considered if you are going for your amalgam filling replacement:

  1. Limited Lifespan–

    An amalgam or silver filling is loaded inside the hole of the teeth like a fill up pothole unlike the resin filling which is chemically bonded. But these fillings have a short span of life as you wear it away. It starts getting spaces where all the food particles get stocked and bacteria starts creating tooth decay. If your filling is worn out then it is better to get replacement of your amalgam filling before bacteria enters the tooth structures deeply. If bacteria enter the tooth structure deeply then it can cause tooth loss and the treatment might cost you more. Your amalgam filling may extend up to approximately 10 years.

  2. Reaction to Temperature Changes –

    There are difference in contraction and expansion of metallic alloy while compared to the normal teeth in the temperature variations while drinking and eating. The ongoing contraction and expansion put stress on the teeth with the thermal cycle. A healthy young tooth can be stretched during the filling process as they are resilient. The natural resiliency starts to diminish with age. The stress they have tolerated earlier eventually can cause tooth fractures and cracks in your mid-thirties.

  3. Enlarge Over Time –

    The amalgam alloys start to expand due to the chemical reaction inside the mouth. With the time the zinc present in the amalgam filling reacts with the saliva and enlarges the pores. The chemical reaction causes expansion and swelling which put stress to the teeth and gets weaker and it can cause major cracks and fractures.

  4. Deform Under Constant Mechanical Stress –

    The amalgam filling consists of a metallurgic alloy which is also known as static creep. As you chew your food it creates a pressure over the top of teeth, the filling starts to flatten out to the sideways which create stress on the tooth.

  5. Amalgam Consists of Mercury –

    Amalgam filling consists approximately 50%of mercury. So, the old amalgam filling can be harmful for health and lead to increase in health risk as it releases mercury. The mercury gets involved in the body with the soft tissues present inside the mouth through absorption, ingestion and mercury inhalation.

  6. Discolouration of Natural Tooth –

    The amalgam filling consists of metal components and it can corrode like other metals. The old amalgam filling gets absorbed in the natural teeth structure. The corrosion heads the absorption of metal particles inside the dentinal tubules. The enamel prisms cause discolouration of your teeth and it will be visible.

  7. Aesthetically not Pleasing –

    The amalgam filling is clearly visible when you will laugh or smile. Few people replace their amalgam with your tooth colour composite resin. The white tooth resin helps in regaining the confidence to smile before everyone. The tooth-coloured fillings are not visible like amalgam filling.

 Replacement or Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Always prefer to choose a clinic which will ask for dental amalgam removal as soon as possible as your tooth is compromising. Removal of amalgam filling will be a better then to replace it. The compromised amalgam filling can cause fracture or serious tooth crack. The tooth cracks can cause sharp pain and it creates a hole which is the gateway of bacteria into the pulp of the teeth and it will require more serious treatment like root canal.

Amalgam filling removal process might be time taking and should be done under the expert surveillance. So, try to choose an experienced expert while you decide to remove your amalgam filling.