Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

The IELTS exam is a globally accepted test that is conducted to check the English proficiency of a candidate. A person desiring to migrate to an English-speaking country has to clear the IELTS exam. Undoubtedly, the  IELTS  exam demands the knowledge of strict rules of English from the candidates. Therefore, candidates have to put gurgling efforts into the preparation for the IELTS exam. But after clearing the IELTS  exam with an excellent score, he can easily get an opportunity to work in well-recognized organizations abroad. It is beneficial to start the preparations at least three months prior to the IELTS exam. However, there is no doubt that adhering to an effective strategy can also make you get an excellent IELTS score with the preparation of just one month. This article has elaborated on some tips that you have to add to your strategy to get an excellent IELTS  score in a month. 

Do you have a strong desire to flourish your career or obtain a quality education abroad? If yes, then clearing the IELTS exam is mandatory for you as it will ensure the organizations/universities abroad that you are a proficient English speaker. Many candidates from a non-English background often find the IELTS exam difficult to crack. Because there are some strict rules that a candidate has to understand deeply. Cramming these rules will not help you get an excellent score. A well-recognized and official book can help you get clarity on the application of every single rule easily. So if possible then try to revise that book at least twice before enrolling yourself for the IELTS  exam date

We have elaborated on excellent tips in the following tips to improve your IELTS band.

Listening ability

Are you also among the students who judge their listening abilities on the basis of reading abilities? If yes, then let us tell you that this is a blunder. It is not easy to understand spoken English as nervousness during the exam impacts the understanding ability of a candidate negatively. During the listening test, you have to comprehend every audio in one go. You must know that recordings will be played only once. So make grueling efforts in your preparations to ace the listening section of the IELTS exam. Listening to some audiobooks can help you enhance your English listening abilities. Also, this will help you access your level of listening abilities. Please make strong efforts to improve your listening abilities before the IELTS/PTE exam date.

Improve your reading skills

Without any doubt, good reading skills help in understanding the concepts thoroughly. Besides understanding the rules, good reading skills will help you get a good score in the reading section of the exam.  So, you are advised to practice reading tasks during your preparation for the exam. Naturally, this will help you enhance your speed of comprehending the questions during the exam. Unquestionably, a good stronghold over English vocabulary, will help you catch the sense of the sentences quickly. Moreover, always try to understand the rules of grammar. Otherwise, cramming the rules will make you misunderstand the actual sense of the sentence. 

Start with short phrases

Many students find it difficult to understand or speak complex sentences in English. Please note that there are some rules in English to form even a simple sentence. Undoubtedly, speaking complex sentences is the dream of many students. But keep in mind that correct and fluent English is the essence of a good  IELTS score. So for speaking the complex sentences, you are required to start with speaking and understanding the short phrases. Moreover,  don’t use translations to speak English as this will affect your speed or fluency in English. Please learn all the rules for proper sentence formation before enrolling yourself for the IELTS  exam date. 

Improve your writing skills 

Please note that it is not mandatory to have beautiful cursive handwriting to get an excellent score in the writing section of the exam. Just write your answer clearly with proper spacing in a proper format. So that the examiner won’t get irritated while understanding the answer. For better performance, try to solve the sample papers and compare your answer sheet with the answer sheet of toppers. Moreover, to avoid repetition, you have to use synonyms. Make sure that the sense of the sentence doesn’t get changed by replacing the word with its synonym. Furthermore,  enhance your knowledge of antonyms, homonyms, and homophones.  As this will help you express more in limited words. Make sure to solve sample papers before applying for a suitable IELTS/PTE exam date. If you don’t know the exam date yet then please check it from the official website of the exam conducting body.


Adding the above-mentioned tips to your strategy will help you get an excellent IELTS score in one month. The study material you are learning English from has a very strong connection with your success in the IELTS exam. So make sure that the study material is completely relevant to the syllabus of the IELTS exam. Learn every rule and concept of English passionately and achieve success in the  IELTS  exam. 

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