Everything you need to know about Amica car insurance plans

If you are residing in the US and looking for a car insurance plan, then Amica can be one of your potential choices. Amica Mutual Insurance Company is

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If you are residing in the US and looking for a car insurance plan, then Amica can be one of your potential choices. Amica Mutual Insurance Company is known to be one of the oldest car insurance providers in the US. It is also one of the most preferred car insurers because of the financial strength that the company possess. The attractive coverage options that are offered by Amica is certainly not something to overlook. Therefore, if you are looking for a car insurance provider but is too confused with all the companies and their offers, then you can always choose Amica. In this article, we will be discussing about The Pros and Cons, Annual Rates, Discounts and comparison of Amica car insurance Plans. Please note that, every information regarding the car insurance plans have been derived from ALInscribe, which has a collection of articles dedicated to insurance along with various company reviews.

About Amica

Amica is one of the biggest and oldest insurance companies that serves almost every state of the US expect for Hawaii. Even though the company specializes in auto insurance, there are also homeowners’ insurance, renters insurance and life insurance that you can grab from the company. Amica does not work with agents, rather it provides customers with a direct service. The customer service is provided via internet and telephonic approaches. The coverage options of Amica are simply compact as they provide almost all of the coverage options that a driver needs. There are also some of the coverages that other companies usually do not offer, such as full glass coverage. Moreover, there is an option called Platinum Choice Auto that offers the customers with a number of perks and benefits, which are undeniable, such as full replacement with no deductible.


Coverage offered by Amica car insurance    

Amica has one of the widest ranges of coverage options, which makes it one of the best insurers to buy a policy from. There are primarily three type of coverages that are offered by Amica, which are Policy coverage, Vehicle coverage and Platinum coverage.

Policy coverage includes various coverage options like Property Damage Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, Medical Payments Coverage, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection. All or most of these coverages are associated with the very basic liability coverage that are mandatory in most of the states of the US.

Vehicle coverage options are associated with Collision coverage, Comprehensive coverage, Roadside Assistance, Glass Coverage, Rental Reimbursement, and Gap Coverage. As per the name suggests, Vehicle coverages are mostly needed for protecting your vehicle totally from any kind of accident. Amica also offers full replacement coverage in some of the special packages.

Platinum coverage options are a juncture of some of the most beneficial coverage options offered by Amica. These platinum coverage options are only offered to the customers who have purchased collision and comprehensive coverage options and ensured full protection to their cars. Just as the premium coverage option this policy is also sold at a premium price.

Discounts offered by Amica


Amica car insurance does not only offers attractive coverage options but also offers various types of discounts that can help you in reducing your annual premium quite effectively. Just as the coverage options, the discounts are also provided based on three different categories, which are policy discounts, vehicle discounts and driver discounts.

Policy discounts have a compilation of different type of discounts, such as Loyalty Discount, Claim-Free Discount, Multiple Policy Discount, Multiple Vehicle Discount, Legacy Discount, and Homeownership Discount.

Vehicle discounts offer different types of discounts associated that are provided based on your vehicle. Anti-Theft Discount, Passive Restraint Discount, Adaptive Headlight Discount, Forward-Collision Warning Discount, and Electronic Stability Discount are added under vehicle discount options.

In driver discounts there are, defensive driver training discount, driver training discount, good student discount and school away discount. There is another category of discounts, which is the payment discount. Payment discounts include Autopay discount, paperless discount and paid-in-full discount.

Please note that the above discussion is only an overview, which does not contain detailed information. If you are looking forward to knowing in detail, then you can visit ALInscribe’s insurance category.


Pros of Amica car insurance

  • Amica offers a very satisfactory customer service, which certainly levels up the customer experience in file claiming and gaining full assistance in a time of need.
  • Different discount optionshelp the customers in reducing their annual premium and gain all the benefits offered by the company.
  • There is an option of live chatthat can help the customers in solving their issues easily and quickly.
  • There are premium coverage optionsavailable for the people who own really expensive cars.
  • You can claim your file really easily with the help of Amica’s mobile application.

Cons of Amica car insurance


Just as the advantages, there are some of the disadvantages that are associated with the company’s car insurance plans. These disadvantages are presented below,

  • There is no rideshare coverageoptions available in Amica car insurance
  • The discounts may vary based on your location as not all the discount options are available in all the states. Prices may vary based on your location as well.
  • You can face delay in claim handling
  • Sometimes the rate of Amica can be quite high, which may not always be affordable to the commoners. Amica’s rates are also reported to be higher than the national average.

Competitors of Amica

For understanding why Amica’s insurance plans can be beneficial to you, you need to compare it with other companies. There are more than one efficient company to offer effective insurance service in the US. Those companies are the competitors of Amica. Among the competitors of Amica, the name of USAA can be taken as it offers a very cheap rate when it comes to car insurance. However, the company is only available to military members and their families. GEICO comes second in the list of competitors as the company is very popular for providing an affordable yet quality service.

Other than these two companies there are eight potential competitors of Amica. If you want to know the competitor companies along with their average annual rate then you can read the article The Pros and Cons, Annual Rates, Discounts and comparison of Amica car insurance Plans in ALInscribe. It will help you in generating better knowledge on the discussed subject.