Essay Writing Is Difficult For Most Of The Students

We have all heard that "life isn't a competition", but do we actually believe that? At every stage of life, we face competition, whether in personal l

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We have all heard that “life isn’t a competition”, but do we actually believe that? At every stage of life, we face competition, whether in personal life or professional life. Competition in the workplace is unavoidable, and in fact, it’s valuable. An associate professor at the Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences, Bradley J. Brummel said, “To get individually rewarded and to achieve a promotion or success in career, a healthy competition is very important.”

A competition between colleagues leads us to excel, to take risks and to grow within ourselves is much better way to stay competitive. However, constantly comparing yourself with your co-workers can be self-defeating. The unnatural competition has its own dark sides as well, such as it can exacerbate stress, blind you to organizational goals and drain your morale. The key to staying competitive and leading the competition lies in taking advantage of your strengths, competing on your own terms and making the most of the opportunities.

In every organization irrespective of size and industry, you will meet individuals who are more capable and successful. There are high chances of them getting promoted ahead of you or maybe get higher bonuses compared to. Instead of getting demoralized, you should always remember that your organization has hired you for a reason and you possess skills and abilities that add value to your organization.

For any reason, if you are insecure about your abilities, be brave and identify them. You could attend more professional or personal development training to build confidence. So stop focusing on a colleague’s career path and start working to explore and flourish your own unique strengths, find opportunities that will showcase your talents. You may flourish in your capability by pursuing further education that will help you to get updated with the latest trends and best practices. You can consider earning a global certification, which is the most relevant to your work and offers reorganization to your knowledge.


Life is a competition, yet it encourages us to perform beyond limitation set within our mind. The only key to survive workplace competition is to make sure that it remains healthy by balancing it with a mutual respect for your colleagues, and realizing that you are all bound by a common goal: to perform well and achieve success.

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