Elise Nation – Unlock you potential


Elise Nation – Unlock you potential

Welcome, Sister! We are on the leading edge of a new paradigm where we as women fully reclaim and embody our divine feminine power and remember our a

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Welcome, Sister!

We are on the leading edge of a new paradigm where we as women fully reclaim and embody our divine feminine power and remember our ancient knowledge, creation stories and birth magic.

Elise Nation The Best Website for your questions.

And guess what, you are here because YOU ARE one of the New Earth Women and it’s your destiny to lead the way in creating a life free from suffering and struggle. Those times are OVER because….

When you birth your baby or even a new business, you are not only birthing a new you but a WHOLE NEW REALITY! That’s right magical, unicorn, creator of world’s woman!

What I know without out a shadow of a doubt is that YOU have not found your way to this page by accident. Here’s what I know about you…

You are a Woman with a mission driven business and no matter the odds, you always knew there was just MORE to life and you’re here to claim it!

My Bio.

Elise Nation is an Intuitive Transformation Coach, Access Bars & Dreambirth® Facilitator, assisting her clients to breakthrough limitation and embody their full potential.

After extreme health decline and a crisis of consciousness that abruptly ended her career in the luxury real estate industry, Elise found herself on the verge of ending her own life.

Receiving higher guidance that her life was not to end this way, she instead chose to dive deeply into her own healing.

A thirst for understanding and strong desire to ‘make sense’ of her life led her on a journey of re-discovering and embodying her own intuitive gifts and abilities.

She opened her own practice as a coach, soul healer and medium in 2016 with special interest in supporting women & men to transform physical, mental & emotional trauma, reclaim their power and consciously create the life, love & relationships of their dreams through her signature 90 day program.

In 2017, Elise began communicating with the souls of her unborn children. Her visions and experiences during motherhood inspired her to develop a specialised system to teach other women and mothers how to create a magical DreamBirth® experience through spirit baby communication and the ancient art of imagery.

Elise has dedicated her life to the service of humanity, traveling wherever she is called to assist others on their awakening journey.

She provides practical and grounded knowledge and tools to create a life of joy while living from the heart and soul.

Certifications & Experience

The School of Images – DreamBirth® Facilitator – Sept 2017- Current

Aboriginal Elder ‘Grandmother Mulara’ – Initiation of the Grandmothers – April 2021

Access Consciousness® – Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator – March 2020- Current

The School of Remembering® – Awakening the Illuminated Heart – 2018 & 2020

Aboriginal Elder ‘Grandmother Mulara’ – Elders Mystery School – April 2019

The Richards Trauma Process – Oct/Nov 2017

Millenium Education® – Medical Intuition Practitioner – March 2017- Current

Clean Health Fitness Institute- Nutrition Coach LVL 1- April 2017

Robbins Madanes Training- Strategic Intervention Coach 2017

Skilled Up Pty Ltd- Leadership & Management Cert IV- 2016

Skilled Up Pty Ltd- Licenced Estate Agent- 2013-2017

Australian Institute of Fitness- Personal Trainer Cert IV- 2007-2008

Want to BREAKTHROUGH your emotional blocks and create a CONSISTENT flow of 

CLARITY, PEACE & greater ABUNDANCE in your 

RelationshipsPersonal life and Business in 2022 and beyond? 

In this session, you’ll discover: 

  • Get crystal clear on ‘blocks’ holding you back from having the Lifestyle, Love, Peace and Financial Abundance you really want!
  • Connect deeply with your soul, the part of you that has ALL the answers
  • How to master Self Sabotage & procrastination, by reprogramming your Subconscious/ Unconscious mind to create a winning mindset!
  • Receive tools and processes that get you back in flow and fast
  • Feel inspired to take charge of your life, relationships and business
  • Discover latent gifts, abilities and offerings you never knew you had!
  • How to achieve emotional freedom and embrace a new and empowered self
  • 90% of clients have experienced unexpected money showing up and/or an increase in income. One client celebrated just under x1000 their income in only 4 sessions!

Thinking about becoming a mother? Unsure if you desire children?

Already pregnant and looking to connect deeper with your body and baby?

Struggling with fertility, conception or loss and need help?

These sessions are designed to help you…..

Finally trust yourself , clear the blocks holding you back, access your capacities with the spirit realm and feel radically empowered to co-create the life, love and family of your dreams with your unborn New Earth high vibin spirit babes!


What is the process?

Using the ancient spiritual practice of ‘Imagery’ a language of inner sight that transcends time & space.

These sessions will empower you with the exact tools and processes Elise has used to successfully heal chronic illness, birth her babies free from intervention, process her own miscarriage, manifest the love of her life, create more money, find clients in unusual ways and so much more!

You use imagery in your nightly dreams, and you use it naturally while awake, though many times you may not be aware of it.

Imagery IS the language of your body, of the baby, and it is the way into your subconscious terrain. Yogis & Mystics have known this for thousands of years: you cannot tell your heart to slow down, but you can give it an appropriate image that will slow it. Through imagery we can target a specific organ, or more globally to affect your whole body. There are imagery practices to change troublesome mental and emotional patterns, to improve relationships, increase creativity and abundance, help with physical imbalances and ill health, and so to create more freedom and joy in life.

How can a spirit baby session help me?

Imagery will allow you to connect and communicate with your unborn child, it will even allow you to communicate with your not as yet conceived child. You can connect, as well, to the souls of those you have miscarried or aborted. And those souls will often tell you, or show you in images, what is needed in your life whether your desires be to conceive, heal loss & trauma or create the best relationship, pregnancy and birth experience possible for you.

DreamBirth® Imagery has also helped women get pregnant who had previously experienced many unsuccessful IVF’s. There are exercises to use with IVF and for donor eggs, and of course it will enhance conceiving naturally. There are also processes to attract a partner, if that is the main challenge in the way of conception!

Imagery will also help your birth, whether it is

  • A vaginal unmedicated birth
  • A vaginal medicated birth
  • A cesarian
  • Or a completely unassisted birth

You will receive: A 60 minute recorded session with Elise and the support of your babe/s in the ether to illuminate what’s keeping you stuck and loving guidance + practical tools and processes to support you in creating and receiving all that you desire and more!

Are you pregnant and looking to connect deeper with your body and baby?

Ever wonder if there is something else available to you beyond your past or your families trauma?

Desire to feel totally empowered and prepared to create the birth of your dreams no matter the obstacles that may present along the way?

This one of a kind group immersion for women entering the 2nd trimester is designed to help you…..

Finally trust yourself , clear the blocks holding you back, access your capacities with the spirit realm and feel radically empowered to co-create your most pleasurable birth yet with your unborn New Earth high vibin starseed babes!

Here is what we will cover in the 7 Keys to Pregnancy Done Different™ 90 Day Program….

Key 1. Break the cycle and get CLEAR. –Define your purpose and set unshakeable intentions in alignment with your higher self, rewrite the script of your life and create a grounded belief in YOU.

Key 2. Heal your Mother/ Father wounds. –Dive deep into Family dynamics, ancestral patterns. Illuminate your circle of influence & understand what and who controls the birthing field. Plug energy leaks and take out the energetic trash!

Key 3. Transform pain into erotic pleasure. –Explore the landscape of your lady parts, discover the secrets the Dr’s won’t tell you. We’re talking positioning, the clitoris, hormones and how to create the environment for an orgasmic birth.

Key 4. Claim your Intuitive Superpowers –Access your bodies wisdom and build a solid sense of safety and connection. Deeply embody the knowing that your body is designed to birth your baby.

Key 5. Master your thoughts and feels –Discover your emotional set point, decode the signs from the universe and deeply know what is for you and what is not. Discern, discern, discern!

Key 6. Radically transform your Relationships. –Establish strong, healthy boundaries. Honour your Yes & No. Say goodbye to obligation and people pleasing! Increase levels of intimacy in your relationships.

Key 7. Journey to the Spirit Baby Realm. — Discover the many benefits of pre-birth communication. Connect with your baby/babies, without hours of meditation. Learn how to live in the dream-field and still function with ease.