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breast cancer treatment


Breast cancer is an illness affecting more than one million people in India annually. Various treatment measures are available for breast cancer. It is curable, and the patient can return to living a regular life. However, to reach the stage of breast cancer treatment, you have to be aware of the illness, its symptoms & causes. It is relevant if you have to diagnose the condition on time and get the necessary medical attention.

About Breast Cancer

As the name indicated, breast cancer starts in your heart. When the infected cells spread and grow beyond control, cancer develops. Breast cancer is usually felt as a lump and could be detected by X-rays. Any region of your breast could be the starting point. You should have information about the areas of the breast that could be affected by the illness.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The main symptoms of breast cancer are:

● A lump in the breast that feels like a thickening mass;

● A change in the breast measures like size or its shape;

● Changes to the breast skin;

● Changes to your nipple;

● Redness or pigmentation on your breast.

Methods to Treat Breast Cancer

When a symptom looks like breast cancer, you need to consult your doctor or a specialist. The doctor may use the following tests & procedures to diagnose the condition.

Breast ExamMammogram
Breast UltrasoundBiopsy
Breast MRIOther custom tests are based on your symptoms and the expertise of the doctor & hospital.

If the doctor diagnoses breast cancer, the next step is to determine the stage or level of the condition. Surgery may be the best way to arrive at this. Other test procedures may involve some of the diagnostic tests mentioned above, plus blood tests, bone scans & CT, PET scans. Breast cancer stages may range from 0 to 4, with 0 showing the minimally affected condition. If your breast cancer is at level 4, it could have spread to other areas of the body.

Once diagnosis and staging are over, it is time to determine the treatment based on your condition. The main types of breast cancer treatment recommended by Indian doctors can be summarized as follows.

●     Breast Cancer Surgery: Surgery is the most effective way to determine the stage of your breast cancer and treat it. Different types of surgery can be done by specialists depending on your condition. The operations used to treat breast cancer are lumpectomy, mastectomy, axillary lymph node dissection, sentinel node biopsy, and breast removal. 

Lumpectomy finds usage in removing the cancer part and is relevant to treat small tumors. In a mastectomy, the technique is to remove the entire breast. Sentinel node biopsy removes the affected lymph nodes. They are removed widely for an axillary lymph node dissection.

●     Radiation Therapy: During radiation therapy, X-rays and proton beams are used to kill the cancer cells. A subsection called brachytherapy could be possible too, where radioactive material is kept inside your body to aid in radiation. Such procedures require modern facilities which the best hospitals can provide.

●     Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy might be the most popular treatment associated with any form of cancer. In this treatment technique, you use drugs to destroy the cancer cells. It is mainly applied to stop the recurrence of breast cancer. Though it has some side effects, chemotherapy is commendable by a lot of experts. It applies to breast cancer treatment in India.

●     Hormone Therapy: Some breast cancer growths are sensitive to hormones. The ideal preferred method is hormone therapy or hormone-blocking therapy to prevent them. Selective medications are included in this treatment technique. It helps in avoiding the recurrence of your breast cancer.

●     Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy helps to energize and activate your immune system to fight cancer growth. To understand this, you have to understand one primary thing about cancer cells. Your immune system won’t fight them as they produce protein, thus blinding it. Immunotherapy disrupts that blinding process and interferes with the neutral default support of the immune system towards cancer.

●     Targeted Therapy Drugs: This treatment method aims at attacking some specific abnormalities within the cancer cells. Targeted therapy finds abundant functionality in cancer research due to its scope to improve. It helps fight off cancer cells alone, sparing your healthy cells.

●     Palliative Care: Palliative care is a treatment technique that offers support and strength for critical illnesses. It is helpful for breast cancer patients suffering from excess pain or discomfort. This type of medical attention showers special care on you to fight your disease and bounce back from the condition.

Do not take breast cancer lightly. If you feel like there are slight symptoms related to the same, you should seek immediate treatment. You should reach out to the best hospitals and doctors with specialized care for effective breast cancer treatment in India.

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