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african american hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a milestone in the cosmetic world. It can work to attain remarkable results to transform bald heads into full hair coverings. In the case of textured or African American hairs, it can derive outstanding results. Many African Americans are suffering from hair loss problems. But they usually don’t find themselves ideal candidates for hair implants. It is mainly due to the distinct characteristics of their hairs. Actually, a curly feature of black hair gives a surgical advantage with African American hair transplant. The curls in hair actually give more hair density to the scalp. This enables the hair surgeon to successfully implant black hairs without requiring many grafts.

Causes of black hair loss

Well, the causes for hair loss among African Americans is as the same as in other ethnic groups. These hairs can also be affected due to genetics. But the common cause that occurs among this group of people is traction alopecia. This hair loss can happen due to prolonged pulling of hair by wearing tight weaves. The use of heat and chemicals on the hair can also cause the hair to break and fall out. Thankfully, a skilled hair surgeon can treat this problem with a hair transplant procedure. The expert might want you to visit the clinic for a consultation to evaluate your hairs before transplantation.

Is it challenging to transplant black hairs?

Probably Yes! But it does not mean that this hair implant is not effective. It does provide real results of hair growth that looks natural and is permanent as well. However, the curly nature of hair follicles is the biggest challenge to African American hair transplant. The extraction of these hairs poses the challenge of damaging the root of hairs. The curls of these hairs mainly extend to the roots and thus require utmost precision during removal. Due to this particular hindrance, FUE is considered a favored hair transplant. The surgeon extracts hair follicles individually with proper care and attention. It enables the protection of the root of the hair to yield maximum results. If you have curly hairs and want to implant them, you must consult a board-certified surgeon. It guarantees you to achieve the best hair transplant results with natural looks.

Benefits of afro hair transplant

It is needless to say that these hairs usually have a lower density than Asian and White hairs. So, this could be seen as a challenge for the transplantation of hairs. On the contrary, It could also be seen as an advantage. This means that the surgeon would require fewer hair grafts to the implant to cover the bald areas. You can say that this hair transplant can cover larger scalp areas than Asian and white hair transplants. The curly feature of hairs will cover the scalp skin with greater density. Thus, this could also decrease the cost of African American hair transplant.

Recovery from afro hair transplant

FUE is the highly preferred method for this hair transplant. So, recovery from surgical hair restoration is faster. You can return to your regular activities in a week. This hair transplant is absolutely safe and does not cause scarring.

Reasons to go with afro hair restoration.

1. Precise graft implantation

It is needless to say that OTC pills and oils can help with somewhat hair growth. But these products usually deliver unusual results when it comes to restructuring hairs. You might end up with displeased outcomes with the formation and shape of hairs. Afro hair transplant is an intuitive technique that can exceptionally deal with hair loss. It works with the precise implantation of grafts to the different areas to create a natural hairline. A skilled surgeon implants hairs to the frontal hairline, crown, and top of the head. Thus, with the right embedding of hairs, you will definitely achieve results that fulfill your soul.

2. Curly hair loss solution

It is undoubtedly true that curly hairs are difficult to deal with when it comes to hair growth. These hairs are less likely to grow with curls that penetrate the roots. Unlike straight hairs, these hairs are also difficult to extract for transplantation. However, African American hair transplant is a viable technique that deploys specialized tools. This procedure can be combined with FUE technology that extracts hair follicles individually. The procedure acknowledges the use of automated tools that work for the safe removal of hairs. The process works to remove grafts expertly without damaging them for successful implantation.

3. Fuller coverage in one session

This is probably the striking reason to undergo this surgical procedure. You would not want to visit the clinic of your surgeon again and again for an implant session. Getting follow-up for implanted hairs is another thing. But you can possibly get fuller coverage of hairs in a single go. The black hairs have the unique feature of covering a head more largely than straight hairs. Therefore, this treatment can give more coverage to heads with thick and curly hairs. Donor hairs can easily be found on the back of the head. So, a surgeon can extract and implant them to create a natural hairline with grafts.

4. Treats traction alopecia

This is a common hair loss condition that affects black men and women. It is often caused by the tight braids that put stress on hair roots and cause them to break. This particular condition can be identified at the temple of the scalp. It appears as a receding hairline on temples that cause hair loss. However, this condition can also be activated due to high-level stress occurrences. Well, afro hair restoration can deal with this situation to flaunt the growth of new hairs. This condition is common among black women but can also be seen in some males.

Safer recovery

The recovery timeline of afro hair restoration is likely to give you real relief. By following this treatment with FUE, you can expect a faster recovery in a week. However, a check-up consultation is needed that would check for transplanted hairs. Some antibiotics might be prescribed to prevent infection and pain. However, these are really minimal and short effects that would fade away in a few days. The scabs after hair transplantation would also go away in some days. However, within 2 weeks of transplantation, you will experience shock loss of hairs. But this is normal activity that signals for natural growth of hair grafts implanted into the scalp. With each month passing, you will see the growth of hairs on the head. In 12 months, you will see full-grown hairs with a natural scalp blend.

To sum up

Despite the challenges in African American hair transplant, it can be performed successfully. Innovative advancement in hair restoration can lead to a higher success rate for the survival of curly grafts. Therefore, if you want to end the hair loss problem, you can seek this treatment. You must consult an expert hair surgeon since this process requires the utmost skill, precision, and technology.

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