Difference Between Canada Business Visa And Visitor Visa


Difference Between Canada Business Visa And Visitor Visa

Many foreign nationals visit Canada each year for various reasons. It could be just to explore the country as a tourist, meet family and friends, for

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Many foreign nationals visit Canada each year for various reasons. It could be just to explore the country as a tourist, meet family and friends, for official work or business purposes. Whatever the visit’s purpose, every foreign national must have a valid visa to enter the country (except for those from visa-exempt countries). 

Different kinds of visas are given to different people depending on the purpose of their visit. While people visiting the country for business purposes are given a Canadian business visa, those travelling to meet family & friends or just for a vacation get a visitor visa. 

In this article, let’s try to understand the difference between these two types of visas. 

Canadian Business Visa

Many people from across the world travel to Canada to involve themselves in business activities with Canadian permanent residents or citizens. Such people must apply for a Canadian business visa to enter the country and explore potential business opportunities there. This also allows them to experience the local culture and Canadian market. 

With a business visa, a person gets to enter Canada solely for business purposes and is not considered a part of the Canadian labour market. It is a short-term visa for undertaking international business and trade activities, including site visits, training, or industry conferences. 

While issuing a Canadian business visa, the immigration authorities will evaluate the applicant based on the following factors:

  • Business visitors must present proof of business activities upon entry to Canada.
  • They must prove that they will return to their home country before the business visa expires. 
  • If family members are accompanying, they need to include their names in the application, and each of them should submit a visitor visa application. 
  • Business visitors should not have severe health problems or criminal records. 

Canadian Visitor Visa

A Canadian visitor visa is issued to people who wish to travel to the country for leisure or tourism purposes. If you want to meet family or friends, you can also go ahead with a visitor visa. You can even look for a job or study a short-term course in Canada. Some people even use a visitor visa for business purposes. 

There are two types of visitor visas:

  • Single Entry 
  • Multiple Entry

Foreign nationals can travel to Canada using a single entry visa, but it is issued only in rare cases. Generally, a multiple-entry visa is issued to travellers, which allows them to travel to and from Canada many times as long as the visa is valid. Visitor visas are generally valid for a period of up to six months. 

With that, we hope you now understand the difference between a business visa and a visitor visa to Canada. This can help you apply for the right visa depending on your purpose of visit. If you are still doubtful, you can always seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer who can help you get any kind of Canadian visa, be it a visitor visa, business visa, applying for the Quebec investor program, work permit, PR visa or anything else.