Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Everyone Loves Desert Safari

One of the nicest things to do in Dubai is to go on a desert safari in Dubai. For a good reason, this part of Dubai is known as the “Pearl of the Gulf.” It has beautiful views and huge areas of loose gravel that sparkle in the light of day and night. A safari in the Dubai deserts is a must-do activity that takes you to another treasure trove in Dubai, where there are no tall buildings or beautiful beaches, a huge stretch of golden land. No matter what kind of safari you want to go on, each one is take you deep into the sands of the Arabian Desert, where you are sure to be swept away by its beauty.

Some things you can do on a desert safari tour in Dubai are riding a camel or going dune bashing. Both of these things make the safari an exciting event. You can also do sandboarding, sand skiing, stargazing, ride in a hot air balloon in the middle of the desert, and watch cultural shows after a delicious BBQ dinner. With the help of experts, you can even ride a quad bike on the sand dunes during a Dubai desert safari.

The best desert safaris in Dubai

1.      Evening Desert Safari

  • Get close to Dubai’s desert and walk through the huge sand dunes.
  • Watch the beautiful sun go down behind the Hajar Mountains.
  • Learn more about an Arabian culture by watching 7 amazing dances, such as the fire and belly dance, performed by local Tanoura dancers.
  • Adding sandboarding, dune bashing, and a camel safari to your desert safari in Dubai will make it more exciting.
  • Learn about the local and traditional way of life by putting on a traditional dress, smoking a shisha, getting your henna done, and eating BBQ food. 

2.      4×4 Desert Safari

  • Dune bashing in the golden sands of the Arabian Desert will give your vacation the excitement it needs.
  • At night, watch the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen from behind the sand dunes.
  • Have a great time watching belly dancers, people smoking shisha, fire shows, and other shows.
  • Other things to do here during a desert safari in Dubai include riding a camel, sandboarding, having a BBQ, and more. 

3.      Camel Safari in Dubai

  • Ride a camel, a traditional vehicle in Arabia, and go through a huge area full of rolling sand dunes.
  • Get on the “ship of the desert” and go where few other cars can.
  • For more fun, put on traditional clothes and pretend you’re a sheikh roaming the desert.

4.      Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

  • Go on a desert safari in the Lahbab desert and feel the rush of adrenaline as you ride over the sand dunes of Dubai.
  • See belly dancing, smoking shisha, a Tanoura show, and a fire show, all traditional Arabic culture.
  • Enjoy the barbecue dinner, which includes appetizers, snacks, and specialties from the area, desserts, and drinks. 

5.      Overnight Desert Safari

  • Start your desert safari in Dubai with a beautiful sunset and end it with a beautiful sunrise.
  • Spend the night in a traditional Arabic tent in Dubai’s golden desert, under a sky full of stars.
  • Enjoy a BBQ dinner with various foods, such as local specialties.
  • Chill out by the bonfire and watch the amazing Belly Dance session, Fire Shows, and other dance shows.

6.      Private Night Safari and a look at the Stars

  • Go out at night to explore the huge desert around Dubai and spend the night in cozy tents.
  • This private desert safari tour in Dubai is a great way to spend quiet time with your loved ones.
  • Set up camp under a blanket of stars and look far away to see the constellations shining.
  • Bring your telescopes and binoculars to add to the fun of this activity.

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