Crystals commonly used in lasers


Crystals commonly used in lasers

Gain medium Gain medium (i.e. laser functioning substance) describes the material system made use of to realize the particle number inversion and pro

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Gain medium

Gain medium (i.e. laser functioning substance) describes the material system made use of to realize the particle number inversion and produce the promoted radiation amplification result of light, sometimes likewise called laser gain medium, they can be solid (crystal, glass), gas (atomic gas, ionic gas, molecular gas), semiconductor as well as fluid and various other media. The primary demand of the laser working material is to accomplish a large degree of particle number inversion in between the details power levels of the functioning bits, and also to maintain this inversion as effectively as possible in the entire laser emission process. To this end, it is required that the functioning material have proper power degree framework and transition features.

Ti: shapphire crystal

Ti: sapphire crystal is the most extensively made use of tunable laser strong product, with outstanding laser features– broad exhaust data transfer (0.65 ~ 1.2 μm), excellent thermal, optical, physical, chemical and mechanical buildings. Ti: sapphire crystal is used in ti sapphire laser. Ti: sapphire lasers as well as their laser systems are unparalleled in their extraordinary performance and the resulting variety of applications, such as proton therapy, accelerator physics, nuclear physics, infrared spectroscopy and product characterization.


Er: YAG is an excellent 2.94 μm laser crystal, which is widely used in laser medical system and also other areas. Er: YAG crystal is one of the most vital working material of 3mm laser, and also has the attributes of high slope performance, can operate at area temperature laser, laser wavelength within the safe range of human eyes, etc 2.94 mm Er: YAG laser has actually been commonly utilized in the clinical area of surgery, cosmetic dermatology, dental care and other therapies.

Advantages of Er: YAG

  • High slope effectiveness
  • Work at area temperature
  • The laser working wavelength is relatively safe for human eyes

Erbium glass

Laser glass is a type of strong laser product based upon glass. It is extensively used in different sorts of solid-state laser light, and has ended up being the primary laser product of high power as well as high energy laser.

The characteristics of using glass as a laser working things are that it can widely alter the chemical structure as well as manufacturing procedure to obtain numerous crucial buildings, such as fluorescence, high thermal security, low thermal expansion coefficient, adverse temperature refraction coefficient, high optical uniformity, and also easy to get a variety of shapes and sizes, low cost, and so on.

Laser glass is an essential core product for high power laser gadgets due to its features of large size, excellent optical harmony, low cost as well as high production performance.

Regularity multiplier crystals

Frequency doubling crystal is a type of nonlinear optical crystal used for frequency doubling effect.

Basic residential or commercial properties

  • Without central symmetry;
  • High transparency of fundamental and double frequency waves;
  • The square nonlinear electric polarization coefficient is big, due to the fact that the frequency doubling conversion efficiency is symmetrical to the square of this coefficient;
  • Partial matching ability, specifically non-critical matching capability. Stage matching Angle and temperature level tolerance ought to be in;
  • Excellent optical uniformity, high damage threshold;
  • stable physical and chemical residential or commercial properties;
  • The development process is reasonably simple to get crystals large sufficient to reach usable lengths in the position matching direction.

BBO nonlinear crystal

BBO nonlinear crystals are type of nonlinear optical crystal with evident thorough advantages and also excellent efficiency. It has an incredibly broad light transmittance variety, extremely low absorption coefficient, weak piezoelectric ring impact. Compared to other electro-optic regulated crystals, BBO crystal has a higher termination ratio, a larger phase supporting role, a greater anti-light damage limit, broadband temperature level matching and also outstanding optical harmony. It is beneficial to improve the stability of laser output power, specifically for the three-way regularity Nd: YAG laser has a vast array of applications.

Main uses of BBO crystal:

  • ( 1) Utilized in 1064nm Nd: YAG laser with dual, three-way, quadruple and also fivefold frequency.
  • ( 2) Used in dye laser and also titanium gem laser of dual frequency, triple frequency, amount regularity, distinction frequency, and so on( 3) For optical parametric oscillation, amplifier, etc.

Q-switched crystals

Q-tuning can be split into active Q-tuning and also passive Q-tuning, while active Q-tuning can be divided right into acousto-optical Q-tuning and also electro-optical Q-tuning.
Frequently used passive Q-regulating crystals consist of: Co: spinel, BBO electro-optic crystal, Cr: YAG, Cr: GSGG, V: YAG, Cr: YSO, and so on

Co: Spinel crystals

Co: MgAl2O4 is a very reliable saturable absorber for easy Q-switched 1.5 μm “eye safety and security” lasers. The peak power pulsed laser generated by the passive Q-switching additionally has the qualities of little human eye damages, strong smoke infiltration, small transmission attenuation and so on. It can be commonly utilized in the field of area optical communication, battlefield quick ranging, laser radar of unmanned equipment and more.

BBO electro-optic crystals

BBO electro-optical crystals are commonly used in BBO Q switches.

BBO switch: The electro-optical Q button constructed from BBO switch is usually utilized in high repeating frequency, high power electro-optical Q-switched laser, all-solid picosecond, femtosecond regrowth amplification system.

As a result of the turn-off time of electro-optic Q switch (< 4ns) is much shorter than the optical break time of acousto-optic Q switch. Therefore, the all-solid-state short-cavity Q-switched laser using BBO electro-optic Q switch can create high-energy laser with pulse width less than 4ns, which is the favored source of light of electro-optic inner sculpting device. BBO electro-optical Q switch can be shut off and stand up to as much as 150W of oscillating optical power in the dental caries (laser outcome power as much as 50W) without water air conditioning.