Couples Therapy for More Quality Time with Your Partner


Couples Therapy for More Quality Time with Your Partner

Conflicts can happen in any relationship. You can solve them by simply accepting your mistake and apologising or forgiving.Things are no different whi

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Conflicts can happen in any relationship. You can solve them by simply accepting your mistake and apologising or forgiving.Things are no different while being in a marriage. Disagreements and disputes are normal and can be solved just by talking it out and catching up on a movie later. But if you are fighting daily with your partner, it can affect both of you as well as your families and have adverse effects in your future. Both of you need to be conscious about certain limits and boundaries at which fights, and conflicts can seriously harm your mental health. If you often end up in endless arguments with your partner, couples therapy is the way forward. In this article we will be discussing how frequent arguments with your partner can be detrimental to your life and why you need to seek couples therapy.

How do arguments and clashes affect your relationship?

1. You start avoiding each other

When you fight with your partner on a daily, you will start having a negative image of them in your mind. You will not want to spend time with them or even talk to them.Couples who fight constantly will start to cancel plans with each other and try to stay away and indulge in solo activities.

This leads each other to ignore or avoid one another. You would also think that this is a better solution to avoid any possible conflicts.

You can end up feeling lonely and emotionally tired due to avoiding each other.

2. Lose interest in spending time together

As mentioned, you will not enjoy each other’s company anymore if you constantly engage in arguments and fights. Spending time doing activities like cooking, watching a movie, travelling, etc. are ways to strengthen your bonding with your partner.

Therefore, fights with them will weaken your bond as it takes away the time that you could have spent together. These activities will only see even more exhausting and mentally tiring when you picture them in your mind.

3. Mental stress and anxiety

Conflicts with your partner will make you more stressed. You will start developing mental issues like anxiety and depression when you no longer get the support that you used to get from your partner.

You will constantly be thinking about ways to avoid conflicts and things to say when you end up in a fight with your partner.

Eventually you will start seeing everything in a bad light and will have a pessimistic outlook on life itself.

4. Losing trust

Due to the deteriorating quality of your relationship, you will start to doubt your partner and lose trust in them.

You will feel as if they do not like being with you and will start over-thinking about whatever they think or do. Since trust is the foundation of any relationship, losing it can lead to further problems between you and your partner.

5. Being unable to focus

Mental stress and anxiety caused by constant arguments with your partner will lead you to lose focus in both your personal and professional life.

This can affect your productivity levels at work which can lead to even more stress.

So, what is the best way to resolve such issues with your partner?

If you find it difficult to talk to them and find an ideal solution, the best tip would be to seek professional help through couples therapy.

Why seek couples therapy to resolve arguments with partner?

Methods like conflict resolution therapy are highly effective solutions to solve problems between couples.

Given below are a few reasons why you need to seek the help of couples therapists to rebuild your relationship.

1. Get the help of experienced and qualified experts

Couples therapy is a method used by professionally trained experts to deal with relationship problems.

They use scientifically proven methods of therapy and data to guide you with your problems. An experienced professional will have already dealt with similar cases which will help them understand the most effective methods and solutions.

If you are looking to solve your problems in a mature sensible and practical way, the best idea is to consult couples therapists.

2. An outlet for letting out emotion

Things can get tough when only you are there for each other. When such clashes arise, you will want to find somebody who can listen to your problems.

While couples therapists not only listen to your problems, but they also offer professional help that will improve your bond with your partner.

Couples therapy provides a safe ground for couples to explain their issue from their point of view.

3. See things from the perspective of a third person

Ego clashes will prevent you from seeing the other person’s perspective and understanding what they are trying to say.

You will not even be ready to accept or admit your own mistake the other person will not be ready to apologise or accept your apology. In such cases, it is always better to ask for help from couples therapy.

Couples therapists offer neutral advice which will benefit both of you and the quality of your relationship. It will also improve your emotional wellbeing and alleviate your stress levels thereby making you more hopeful about your relationship.

4. Resolve past issues and let go of them

Couples therapists not only understand your current problem and solve them, but also try to understand each of your past and see what the root cause of your issues is. Then they provide well researched insights and help you strengthen your relationship. Through therapy, they assist you in understanding each other’s pasts and letting go of them.

If you are based in Mumbai Wownow is one such counselling centre that offers couples therapy for couples facing marital issues. As two people in a relationship, it is your responsibility to do enough research and find the right source of professional help to keep your relationship afloat.

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