Convert Outlook CSV to VCF – Perform Direct Conversion with Pro Method?


Convert Outlook CSV to VCF – Perform Direct Conversion with Pro Method?

Are you likewise exhausted from trying to convert CSV to VCF without success? Want a practical solution to carrying out the conversion process without

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Are you likewise exhausted from trying to convert CSV to VCF without success? Want a practical solution to carrying out the conversion process without any danger or failure to the data? Don’t worry; you will discover the ideal methods to do the necessary work as easily as possible here.

Since the data is recorded in columns and rows, which are very simple for people to comprehend, CSV format is typically used to store contacts, tables, and other types of data. The requirement to convert contacts from CSV to vCard does arise occasionally, though.

To utilize or access the contacts on devices such as mobile phones, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc. that do not accept CSV files, this must be done. The file format known as VCF or vCard is used to record contacts and their information, such as name, picture, address, email address, phone number, and URL. Along with the previously stated email clients, cloud services also support it.

Few people are proficient in the converting procedure. Let’s examine the approaches to accomplishing this.


What Techniques Are Effective for Outlook CSV to VCF Conversion?

The following techniques are the most beneficial for the operation:

  • Manual Technique

Step 1- Importing Contacts from CSV Format

Step 2 – Resultant Files are Exporting to VCF Format

  • Professional Approach

Since there are no direct native ways to do the work, the first technique, which is the manual solution requires the user to take two steps. You must first save the contacts from a CSV file before exporting them to a vCard file.

The second technique makes the process quick and simple by directly converting the files for you into VCF format. Let’s see how each of the methods operates.

Manual Method to Convert CSV to VCF

Here, there are two steps to exporting Outlook contacts from CSV to VCF format. Learn the steps listed below:

Part 1- Import Contacts from CSV

  • Click the Windows Icon and type “Contacts” into the search box.


  • Click the Import tab in the contacts box.
  • Select CSV format as the export format, then click Import.


  • Next, choose Next after browsing for the contacts you wish to export.
  • Press the Finish button to finish the procedure.

Once the contacts have been exported from the CSV file, you need convert them to the.vcf format.

By following the instructions in the next section, you may learn how to convert Outlook CSV to VCF.

Part 2: VCF Format Export for Resultant Files

  • Select the Export option from the same Contacts Window.
  • Click the Export button and then choose the vCard (folder of.vcf files)



  • Open the folder where you have the CSV files saved.
  • Select a location to save the converted files or make a new folder.
  • Click Finish to export all of your files in VCF format.

There are a few drawbacks to this approach, which are described in the section below:

  1. The manual method only saves a single vCard file for each contact, which can be cumbersome to manage when there are thousands of contacts.
  2. Since this method is not a direct one, users who choose to use it must have a lot of time to devote to the process.
  3. You should be familiar with the system you are using and have some technical expertise in order to execute this procedure.

Pro-Tip to Convert Outlook CSV to VCF

Choose the CSV to vCard Converter Tool if you don’t want to lose any time with the manual process, don’t know much about the system you’re working on, or need to produce a single vCard file for all the contacts.

The algorithms used in the construction of this software allow you to export every piece of information from the CSV file, including the name, email address, phone number, etc. In vCard versions v2.1, v3.0, and v4.0, there is an option to export the data (the latest version).

Additionally, the program enables users to correctly export all of the data by mapping the vCard and CSV attributes together.


What Are the Performance Instructions of the Software for Conversion?

Follow the steps mentioned to convert Outlook CSV to VCF using the tool:

  • Download the application and run it on your system.
  • Select the CSV file and click on the browse button.


  • Select the mapping column for the transfer of desired data from the VCF file.


  • Select the browse button, and choose the output location on your system.
  • Finally, click the “Convert Now” button to begin the conversion.


This is the simplest method for converting Outlook contacts from CSV to VCF. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge or skill to use this strategy.


There are several customers searching for a way to carry out the conversion technique. Users have experienced a great deal of tension due to the lack of straightforward ways. Now, you have two options: either execute this procedure in two steps and lose a lot of time or use software to quickly transform the data.

One significant problem of the manual technique is that it is difficult to maintain because it produces a vCard for each contact that you are exporting. By utilizing the program to convert Outlook CSV to VCF and produce a single file for all the contacts you import, you may resolve this issue.