How Do I Convert Excel Contacts to vCard? Complete Instructions


How Do I Convert Excel Contacts to vCard? Complete Instructions

We have been using Excel since we were children, and we even use it to store the users' contact information. As a result, we all prefer Excel sheets t

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We have been using Excel since we were children, and we even use it to store the users’ contact information. As a result, we all prefer Excel sheets to manage them in a systematic manner. However, there may be times when you need to use the contacts in your phone, Outlook, or other applications. As a result, converting Excel contacts to vCard format is required. As a result, we will discuss the best MS Excel Converter for Windows and Mac OS in this article.

So, read this article all the way to the end to get a better understanding of the entire task.


If you are using a different application than Excel and want to access Excel contacts in that one. Then, because there is no application that supports Excel files, you cannot perform this task directly. As a result, there is a requirement to export MS Excel contacts files contacts to vCard. The file will then be ready to import into the desired application for access to all contacts.

Manual Instructions for Converting Excel Contacts to vCard

In this section, we will go over how to convert MS Excel files to VCF format. The entire procedure is depicted in three stages here.

  1. Convert an Excel file to a CSV file.
  2. Import Contacts from a CSV File
  3. Save Contacts to a VCF/vCard File

Step 1: Convert the Excel (XLS/XLSX) format.

  • To begin with, In the system, open the MS Excel XLS/XLSX file.
  • Click the File menu, then Save as, or if the file has already been saved, click the Save a copy menu, and then click Other formats.
  • Choose the CSV format and specify a location to save the CSV file.
  • A message will be displayed. Click the Yes option to save the workbook in the same format as before.

Step 2: Convert CSV File Contacts

  • Enter Contacts in the search box by pressing Windows Key + R or Windows Search.
  • Click the Import tab in the Contacts panel.
  • In the Import to Windows Contacts dialogue, select CSV, then Import.
  • Now look for the.csv file that was created in the previous step.
  • Select the.csv file. Choose the Next option.
  • Finally, once you’ve completed mapping the contact fields, click the Finish button.

Step 3: vCard Contacts Export

  • Return to the Contacts folder by typing “Contacts” into the window’s search bar.
  • Click the Export button and choose vCard as the file format.
  • Click the Export button, then navigate to the desired location and save the vCard file.
  • When you’re finished, click the OK button to convert Excel to VCF/vCard.

Using an Automated Solution, Convert Excel Contacts to vCard

Only a professional program can perform the MS Excel contacts to vCard conversion in a safe and efficient manner. Because this is the program that facilitates the entire Address book contacts conversion. As a result, the Excel Converter Software is the best option for this.

As one of the professional solutions for converting bulk contacts from Excel files. The fact that it works with all Excel file formats is fantastic. So, no matter what type of excel file you have, you can simply use this tool to convert the contacts. Furthermore, it can easily perform the conversion on any device. It can also assist you in importing contacts from Excel to Telegram.

There is no need for you to be concerned about bulk contact conversion. Because this advanced Excel to vCard converter software can export contacts in bulk. As a result, exporting contacts from Excel to WhatsApp is a breeze. If you want to import phone numbers from Excel to your Gmail account, you can use this standalone software.

Converting Excel Contacts to vCard File Format in a Nutshell

To begin, you must download and install the WholeClear Excel contacts to VCF Converter software on your computer. Then simply follow the instructions for a massive conversion-

  • Tap the Add File or Browse option from the initial screen to add any number of Excel files.

browse excel files

  • Then, from the list of bulk export options, select vCard.
  • Now, from the software panel, map all, you can either select the vCard version or single vCard per file options.
  • After that, tap the Change button to select the destination location from the machine.
  • Finally, click the Export button to convert Excel to VCF file format on a computer.


This is one of the most useful articles for learning how to convert Excel contacts to the vCard file format. We have discussed the best software for bulk Excel contact conversion in this article. You can quickly obtain all of the contacts lists by using this software. You can then import the resulting file whenever you need to without losing any contact information.

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