Care Guidelines for Wooden Fences


Care Guidelines for Wooden Fences

Fences are more than just a simple piece of wood. Wooden fences provide a great home base for pets and children, but they also provide an important bo

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Fences are more than just a simple piece of wood. Wooden fences provide a great home base for pets and children, but they also provide an important boundary in your backyard. Fences always need to be maintained and cared for to remain safe for everyone who uses them. Following these care guidelines can help make sure that your fence is doing its job without any danger to you or your family members.


When caring for a Wooden fences, there are some general tasks that should be done in order to maintain good condition and preserve its life span. These care guidelines are applicable to any wooden fence, regardless of the type of wood. They can be used for maintenance and repair as well as for construction.


These are the most basic care guidelines for a wooden fence.


Clean your wooden fence on a regular basis


Wooden fences can rot, stain, and break down with moisture. With that being said, you need to take proactive steps to keep it clean. The frequency will depend on your environment and the kind of wood you have in your fence. Cleaning   is easier than you think. A pressure washer is usually the most effective way to clean a fence.

Wooden Fences

A pressure washer can remove most stains from fences made out of wood without damaging the wood itself if used correctly. If you are unsure about the best way to use a pressure washer, ask a professional.


Get the right equipment together


You will need the right equipment to wash your fence. This may include a pressure washer, a hose, Wood stain, Protective sheets, Brushes or rollers and Bleach or wood treatment. Pressure washers can vary in size, so make sure you know what size you will need to make sure you have enough pressure and coverage to do your fence.


Wood Stain is a great cleaner to have on hand. It can be used to keep your fence looking nice and clean. Some stains can leave a brown or blotchy look on your fence. Most stains contain a thinner that you mix with water and apply with a paint brush or roller kit directly to the stained area of your fence. Some staining kits come with brushes that allow you to add color without having to use any kind of stain, just like regular paint.


A hose is another item that you would need to help keep your fence clean and dry. A basic garden hose should be enough for the job. Make sure that the pressure of your water is high enough so it can remove any stains or dirt quickly and effectively.


If you are using a pressure washer, you will also need protective sheets. The sheets can be used to prevent any minor damages to the fence during the clean up process. If they do get dirty or stained while you are washing, they can be safely thrown away after your fence is done being cleaned. You want to make sure that these sheets are placed in a place where your children and pets will not be able to get to them if they get dirty.


Maintain your wooden fence by cleaning up debris regularly


Debris can quickly build on your fence and get out of control. If left unattended, it can be very difficult to remove without damaging your fence. Keep the areas around your Wooden fencesclean by raking up any leaves, twigs or other types of yard debris that you find on your fence.


In order to keep debris from getting on your fence, you should invest in a leaf blower. This will make cleaning your fence much easier and you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary damage.


Don’t let your fence get too wet


The Wooden fences is made of wood, so rain or moisture can quickly cause rot, stain or even break down the wood itself. Take every precaution to keep your fence dry by covering it with a tarp on the rainy days. This will make sure that it doesn’t get any water damage when there is a lot of rainfall.


Water can also seep into the wood, causing it to get wet and damage. If there is a crack in your fence, you should take steps to make sure that it doesn’t get any more moisture. You should caulk the crack in order to prevent water from seeping inside, and you should brush off any dirt or debris that might be on the fence.


Protect your plants and grass


You’ll be blasting with that power washer, and there will be some solutions about that might injure your grass and plants in the garden. You should lay down plastic sheets to protect these vital elements of your garden. Also, before you begin, get any fragile plant pots or outdoor furniture out of the way.


Bleach and then power wash


Wooden fences cleaning solutions are available at reputable hardware stores, or you may make your own by diluting bleach with water. One cup of bleach is suggested for every two cups of water. You should apply this solution to your fence and then let it set for a few minutes for it to take action.


Once the mildew and filth have vanished, use a power washer to remove the solution. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, an ordinary garden hose should suffice.


Let the wood dry out


A new seal should be applied only after the wood has had time to dry after being washed. The new wood stain won’t adhere to a damp substrate. Therefore, this step is vital. Avoid painting your wood and instead choose wood stains that come in a wide range of colors and are made to protect your wood from the elements.


Keep Your Eye on Its Condition

Keep an eye on your wooden fence. Check for cracks at the joints, holes or other damages that might indicate that your fence may need to be repaired. When you notice problems, you should either have them repaired or you should simply replace the fence.


Wooden fence are easy to care for if you know how to do it right. If you follow the tips above, you can enjoy your wooden fence for many years to come.